HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 87 Sponsored by Erik Archer SMith's Tootavalooms  

Big Thanx to Fashion Mogul Erik Archer Smith, his Lovely Wife Evy, and little Stinker Archer for Sponsoring this weeks show with their Brand New Line of Children's Underwear Tootavalooms. 

Some Pictures from last week and this week's chicanery. 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 86 Holiday Watching Guide  

Aloha Danish Jellyfish, Hacky Sack Crack, and Lou Dobbs. 2022 has officially arrived and hopefully it is better than the last. Omicron is racing around the world and 5G is almost fully upon is. 


I find it very crazy that…

Happy Holiday's with HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 85  

Aloha Tinsel Tongued Trousers, Helium filled Pretzels, and Dirk Diggler. 

Happy Holidays from Hitch & I! I hope 2022 is a bit more pleasant than 2021. I know it will be with the Launch of Beach Brother's Maple Syrup &amp…


Aloha Macaroni Ponies, Belmont Scones, and Billy Barty. 

The Holidays are upon and today is Hitchmas. The 2nd Anniversary of my Adoption of Hitch. 

I did a In Memoriam or some of those that we have lost this year. Here…


Aloha Peppermint Fallopian Tubes, Crispy Hockey Pucks, and Bob Denver. 

You are in for quite the delicious journey of music and candor. 


As mentioned in the show here is the Video of the 8th Continent and Floating Island from the…

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 6  

Aloha Everyone around the world! I have some crazy tunes in store for you this week which will keep you warm no matter where you are. 


I saw Gremlins this weekend in the Theater and here are some…


Aloha Casket filled Tulips, Butterscotch Sanitary Napkins, and Ricky the Dragon Steamboat. 

Here are a few Trailers of Films that i am looking forward to seeing. 


I was so very lucky to get to see Kurt Vonnegut Speak in Person…


Aloha Peach Tree Lip Rings, Riverboat Horseshoes, & Dick Van Dyke. 

I hope everyone a had a Swell Turkey Day in the US and a Dandy Thursday for the rest of you. I had a swell Friendsgiving at Saag Weinberg's…

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 80 Farewell to Uncle John & Juan Diego  

Aloha Chesty Weasels, Toasty Hamster Wheels, and Brooke Shields. 

Well the Year is almost over. Time sure flies by.  

I was traveling last week to the Minnesota and was not able to record a show. My Uncle John passed away…


Aloha Crosseyed Cockateels, bearded Lepers, and Marlon Brando. 

I hope October Scared the Shit out of you and November gets you cozy and ready for Winter. 

Things are Swell and still warm in Hawaii . 


This Week's Good News is…

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 78 with fun tales by Tony Clifton  

Aloha Nickel Loafers, Mashed Lemon Soup, and Linda Lovelace. 


Well I had a Swell Birthday with Hitch at my Happy place Waimanalo Beach on Monday and it was just what the Doctor ordered. Thankfully my initials are MD…

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 77 Spooky Edition 

Aloha Cracked Skull, Leaky Spleen, & Lilly Munster. 

This Episode goes Bump in the night, gets a little creepy, and has some songs of the night. So sit back, find your pipe, put on your smoking jacket and grab…