Aloha feathered forklifts, dick shaped Transformers, and Hunter S. Thompson. 

I hope the end of April finds you swell. Lots of swell tunes for you, along with some good news and few fun old ads. 


Hope you…

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 3  

More Music & Less Chatter 


1.   Destiny71z 


2.   Cool Breeze 

      Nick Coleman 

3.   Anon 

      Teeth Agency 

4.  Constant Fracture 

     Com Truise 

5. Sorry For your Gloss 

    Mux Mool 

6. Tellurian (Recondite Remix) 


7. We Don’t Win 

   Little People 

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 2  

I hope this Volume 2 of Hitch Cock's G-Sides puts you in the high spirits of Shenanigans!  


This week's Playlist


Snoop Dawk  

2.  Nights  
    Jesper Ryom 

3.   Mysterious Frequencies 
     Tommy Guerrero 

4.   Canvey Island  

5.   New Dorp, New…

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 51 with Singing by Teddy Forsberg  

Aloha Dippy Lipton's, Frothy Bottoms, and Placemats with no tires. 

I hope everyone has settled down from last week's 2 part special for 50 episodes.  I have a ton of great music for you this week. I even sing…

HIJAK HAWAII Ep 50 Part 2  


Part 2 

Some more of the Best tracks from our first Year on Air! Thanks to all those who made promos for me! Please Keep them coming!! 


1. Follow (dillon francis remix)   

   Kito, zhu 7 jeremiah 

2. Ariel (Get…


Aloha Corned Rabbits, Irish Magpies, and Sean Connery. 

Holy Frazzled Dog Shit! Putting tonight's show together has been a bunch of powdered milk and cucumbers right up the old Arsehole! For Fuck sake technology can sure be a cunt!