Aloha Varnished Polecats, Casper the friendly toast, and Harriet Tubman! 

I hope the end of August is making your hair stand up on the back of your neck and your shoes turn into pearls.  The thoughts of dilapidated migraines frequent…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 68 Tales from the Open Road & Beyond!  

Aloha Vicious Apricots, Pleasant Crab Apples, and Guy Pearce. 

This week's show has no sponsor sadly. Just tales of my visit to the Mainland and stories on the road to madness and peculiar misdemeanors. Photos from my journey.  


Very Happy…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 64 Special Friendship Show 

Aloha Friends, Family, and Pat Sajak. 

This Show is dedicated to all of my Dear Friends out there in Whoville, Graymont, & Pokipsy. I love you all and need to keep in touch more. Let's all try and be better…

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TIKIMARAN: Music to Drink & Boat By 

Aloha Friends & Cornswaggles! 

I made this special 2 Hour Mix, TIKIMARAN: A Tiki Adventure for the ears, soul, & Tooth Fairy.  I am DJing under the Special Alias DJ Fezzy Jenkins. I hope you will put on your Finest…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 62 The Line on Wine  

Aloha Whirling Radiators, Canned Gummy Bears, and Mary Tyler Moore.

I hope everyone is doing swell this Mid June. We are still living in quite the crazy times. Looks to be light at the end of the tunnel, but what's…

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