HIJAK HAWAII Ep.26 and Abseiling 


Aloha Friends and soiled horseshoes! Episode 26 is upon you!  I hope all is well!  Tonight's Sponsor is from Luke Hunter's Bicycle Seats to the Stars and Sumo wrestlers.  I have mine! Best Bicycle Seat I have ever owned!  The…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 25 and some Damn fine art  


Aloha Friends and Pastry Chefs.   I really hope all is well in Whoville.  I have some crazy brand new tracks for you this weekend. I did some deep digging for your auditory inspiration. I hope you love the them as…

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My First Remix is here!  

Ariel (Get Busy Living, or Get Busy Dying Remix) 

by Spencer & Tweaked by TBP aka DJ TripleBypass 


Heard this track the other day and had to touch it up a bit Shawshank Style! Hope you dig, it will also…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 24 Autumn is Official  

Aloha Friends, Family, and Billabongs.


The Sea Captain Says Good Morning


Well these Covid Weeks are starting to fly by faster and faster. Lot's of Killer new tracks on this week's episode.  Hope this gives your weekend the boost you…

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HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 23 and a Trip to the beach 

Aloha Friends and Casual Acquaintances, 


I hope the world is treating you dandy. Things could be better, but they could always be worse. As i tell my Mother when she is feeling down, " You could be a one Legged…

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Aloha Friends & Family from around the World!  


I hope everyone is Dandy as Candy in the Sunshine!  Things are still pretty locked down here, but we are able to go to the beach again solo or…

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HIJAK HAWAII Episode 21  

Aloha friends and Flounders, 

Here is Episode 21 for your Sensory Perversion of the week. I hope everyone is still saying safe durning Covid times.  In Hawaii have been on Lock Down once again due to the cases spiking.  I…

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Welcome to the New Home of DJ TripleBypass & the HIJAK HAWAII Podcast that airs Twice weekly on www.ModSnapRadio.com You will be able to listen to the Tracks a little easier than on Mixcloud and get the playlist right…

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