Aloha Clappy Traps, Yarn Spent Wolverines, and Hunter S. Thompson

I hope everyone is swell. There are some Killer tunes on this weeks episode! Hope you Dig it

Links to The Youtube shows I dig. 

This is the funniest episode of Peter Caine Dog Trainer. I working on acquiring some of his art. This is the Best Big Foot episode

Great Episode of Hot Ones

The Telltale Atheist 

Jimmy Carr Classics

The Pigs that fight bears


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace

This Week's Playlist 

1. Tjomme (DJ Koze Remix)  
    Jose Gonzalez  

2. Faded  
   Jacques Greene 

3. Migration of the bee-eater (Jeff Pierre Remix)  
    jacuzzi jefferson 

4. Electric Eel  
    Eelke Kleijn 

5. Walking on Your Name  

6. Chlorophyll 

7. Walking on a Dream(Special Edition)  
    Empire of the sun 

8. Another Time (Luccio remix)  
    Kyau & Albert 
9. No Guarantees  
    Arms & Sleepers  

10. Desert Rose  
      Tone Ranger 

11. Onire  

12. Baby We’re Ascending  
      HAAi & Jon Hopkins 

13.Breaking Point  
    Nayana Iz 


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