HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 24 Autumn is Official   

Aloha Friends, Family, and Billabongs.


The Sea Captain Says Good Morning


Well these Covid Weeks are starting to fly by faster and faster. Lot's of Killer new tracks on this week's episode.  Hope this gives your weekend the boost you have been looking for.  


1. In the Darkest Hour (Trouble on My Mind)   
      Daily Bread 

2. Goya! Soda! 
    Christine and the Queens 

3. Adelaide’s Voyage 
    Bad Tuner & Ian Urbina 

4.  I Swear 
     Windows 96  

5. Freaking Me out 
    Ritonn (feat. Nuage) 

6. Nothing for Free 

7. Needledrop (Laurence Guy Remix) 
    Session Victim 

8. Trondheim 

9. Universe in her Eyes 

10. Be. Here. Now 

11. Moving on 
      Alix Perez (Featuring Liam Bailey) 

12. Shot into the Sun 

13. All I need 
     Nora En Pure   


Next week we will be talking art and about my latest scores! 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 23 and a Trip to the beach  

Aloha Friends and Casual Acquaintances, 


I hope the world is treating you dandy. Things could be better, but they could always be worse. As i tell my Mother when she is feeling down, " You could be a one Legged Midget in India" Believe me that would be a lot worse on the streets of Calcutta. I made it out to Waimanalo my favorite Beach with the Sea Captain so that was great. 

I also had a Feathered Friend named Percy stop by for an unexpected visit which was fun 



This weeks playlist 

1. Deleters (Palms tax Remix) 
      Holy Fuck (featuring Angus Andrew) 

2. Cascade 

3. Alps 
     Dimitri Veimar 

4. Falling Forward (Qrion’s Ambient Intro mix) 
    Gabriel & Dresden (featuring Sub teal)  

5. Risky Business  


6. Frau im Mond, Sterne Laufen  

    Pantha du Prince 

7. It’s not the end 

    Harbor tea Rooms 

8. Lory  


9. Hackney Birdwatch  

    Shire tea  

10.  All good 

       Damiano von Erckert  

11. Deep Blue (Riviera Mix)  

      Garza (Feat Sean Bowe)  




Aloha Friends & Family from around the World!  


I hope everyone is Dandy as Candy in the Sunshine!  Things are still pretty locked down here, but we are able to go to the beach again solo or with pets, so I am stoked to head out to Waimanalo tomorrow with my boy Hitch. 

There are a lot of fun new tracks on this episode as always.  Here is the video for Watermelon by MEZERG where he actually plays Watermelon and kiwi to produce the melody. 

I hope everyone enjoys this glorious pigeonhole. Here is the playlist 


1.Blue Verb 

2. Inkoleo 
    Goldie, James Davidson, and Subjective 

3. Heavy (Icarus Remix) 
    Bow Anderson 

4. Braided Leaves 

5. Fontanel 

6. The Sun 

7. Entra y Sale 


9.  Watermelon 

10. Realign (Max Cooper remix) 
      Henry Green 

11. Swimming Pool 
      Millie Turner 

12. Autumn Phase (feat Ali Coyle) 

13. Then I’d be Satisfied with Life

       Tiny Tim


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smilin. Peace 


HIJAK HAWAII Episode 21   

Aloha friends and Flounders, 

Here is Episode 21 for your Sensory Perversion of the week. I hope everyone is still saying safe durning Covid times.  In Hawaii have been on Lock Down once again due to the cases spiking.  I have still been Embalming so not too different for me. The stores and Takeout are still available, bars and indoor dining are on the back burner. I will have to say i had the Finest Take Out Sushi in my life last night from Hihimanu Sushi. I am talking melt in your mouth and can't stop thinking of the Decadence the next day! A Masterpiece of Culinary Excellence. Can't wait to belly up to the Sushi Bar for the full Undertaking. 

Here is this weeks Playlist


1. Cruel Summer ReWork 
      Daniel Liebt 

2. One Day at a Time  
     Fritz Kalkbrenner 

3.  I’m in the Doorway  
     Tricky featuring Oh Land 

4. Windless  
     Jvly & edapollo 

5. Home Alone  

6. Notte 
    Still Drop (Featuring Reso)  

7. Morningside (Expansive Mix)  

8. Loops for Healing 
   Octo Octa 

9. Flutter 

10. Everybody’s Lonely  

11. Enter Moon 
     Felix Johansson Carne  

12. Cold Expanse  
     Artificial Intelligence and Makoto 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling  Peace 



Welcome to the New Home of DJ TripleBypass & the HIJAK HAWAII Podcast that airs Twice weekly on www.ModSnapRadio.com You will be able to listen to the Tracks a little easier than on Mixcloud and get the playlist right here and now! We will also be adding some fun features and Merchandise down the road. So sit back and tune in to this Audible Journey of Tertiary Colors and Fragrant Smells. 


This Weeks Playlist 

1. Mediocre Karma 

    by Blockhead 

2. Really Good 

    by Dauwd 

3. The Sky and What is Under it 

     by Brookii 

4. Yokai 

    by Edamame & Handbook

5. Mating Call 

    Nada & oomph 

6. Revegetation Area 2002 


7. Depth Reflections 

    James Welsh 

8. Leon (Featuring Sofia Insua) Blockhead Remix 

    Arms & Sleepers

9. Pearls 


10. Positive Spirit 

       Zeb Samuels 

11. Flesh Eaters 


12. Burnt 

      Alps 2