HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 33 Special Best of Show with a Promo by On the Level with Ryan Miller  

Aloha Sea Squirts, Monchichi, and Talcum Powder.... 

I hope everyone in the states had a delightful and not too lonely of aThanksgiving. As for the rest of you, i just hope you are jolly and well fed.  I had a lovely time with my friends Richie and Awa. We had some wine worth Salivating over and I made Venison from Molokai with a Maple Syrup & Cambodian Peppercorn Reduction. Also Richie Gifted me an Original Painting that i Commissioned of Nina Simone. We also had a few rounds of Scrabble and Skip Bo. Also that Wine that Awa is devouring was from Count Dracula's Castle in Romania. 

My Pup Hitch aka the Sea Captain will turn 3 on December first so he received a Holiday Trim with some Glamour shots! 

This weeks Promo was brought to you from my Best Childhood friend Sénor Ryan Miller of Austin Texas, he is showcasing his new company On the Level.This man can use a level in any situation and have the results come out to perfection ever time! Yes that is him in the Casket and we did travel to Ibiza together once upon a time. 

This weeks show was a best of the music I have played since i started the podcast, some of my favorites and some of the fighters my listeners have said they enjoyed! Hope you dig it. 


As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and keep on Smiling Peace 



1.January (TSHA REMIX) 
      Millie Turner 

2. Barely Breathing 
    Dillon Francis 

3. Donkey Serenade 
    Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra 

4. Turquoise (edapollo remix) 
5. Umi Says   
    Mos Def 

6. Pressure 
   James Vickery & SG Lewis 

7. People, I’ve been Sad 
    Christine & the Queens 

8 . Baby Outlaw 
     Elle King  

9. Feels Like Summer 
    Sander Van Doorn 

10.  I Miss you (Extended Mix) 
       Nicola Pigini 

11. Learning to Fly 
      Hugh Hardie 

12. Yokai 
      Edamame and Handbook 

13. Cruel Summer 
      Daniel Liebt 

14. Just 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 32 with our Sponsor Gregg Brown's Thunderball Wrestling School  

Aloha Froggers, Loggers, and Joggers~ 

I hope all of you are safe and somewhat sound!  You are probably wondering who that Dashing fellow above is! That is my Dear friend and once Partner in Crime while living in Osaka, Japan. Gregg Thunderball Brown! He has a Jockstrap for every occasion and is truly the Court Jester. When I was DJing in Japan you could find this Scantily Clad Gentleman often hanging from the Rafters or busting a move on the Dance Floor. We had Quite a Few Adventures.  Here are a few pics from our exploits . 

Tonight's Featured Giggly Drink was The Polar Kangaroo Starring 50% Pink Whitney New Amsterdam Vodka & 50% Simply Watermelon. Truly a Sneaky and Hopping Libation! 

I hope you enjoy all of the great new tracks this week! I think Covid Times is keeping all of the talented DJs inside and Producing, because the amount of phenomenal music to currently lavish our airwaves is mind boggling! 

It has been an overcast, rainy and windy weekend here on the Island! Which Equals loads of Great sleep and I am about to open the HIJAK HAWAII test Kitchen for some Aussie meat Pies. I will maybe post about it later.  

Have a Great Week! Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... 

Here is this week's Playlist 

There is an extra song added on today's show also! 

1. Deep, Dark, & Purple (The Tom Middleton Remix) 

2. Salt N Pepper 

3. Yours Sincerely 

4. Clairvoyance 

5. Power 
    1991 & Bullysongs 

6. Dawn 
    Bronson (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) 

7. Try repeat 
     Lawrence Heart 

8. Deep End 
    Joe Hertz 

9. Bag of jein 

10. Ode to Love 

11. Atmosphere 
     Fred V ( Fet. Lottie Jones) 

12. Blue Nights 
      Brendon Moeller 

13. Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk 
     Martin Roth 

14.  I Used to Dream 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 31 It's all about the Journey and how you got there!   

Aloha Friends & Bolsheviks, 

This week's show is a bit more of a Musical Rollercoaster that takes you across our lovely planet. I hope you enjoy it.  


We have a very Special Sponsor this week, Inglebert Humberdink's Tutorial on how to tan you your left arm exquisitely. Inglebert is one of my Great friends from childhood and has earned the right to have such a Tanned left arm. He has built up a Great landscaping company and gets to drive around from site to site and see the great work that his staff is creating. Big ups Chadd

I have been doing a little Worldwide Advertising and it seems like HIJAK HAWAII has had the most visitors from the gorgeous Country of Sri Lanka. Funny thing is, that is my favorite country i have traveled to. I had quite the adventure there in 2003 or 2004. I traveled with my buddy SaHan and three friends from Osaka, Japan. Pictures to follow

It was the exploit of a lifetime. Our base was in Kurunegala , then we traveled to Kandy, the Pinnawala Elephant Orphanage, Sigriya, Sri Pada aka Adam's Peak(The Tallest Mountain in Sri Lanka & Climbed to the Peak), Dambulla, Anuradhapura, and Polonnaruwa.  We had a Sports car, a Jeep, and a Tuk Tuk to travel this Magical Island.  We had quite the gang and were treated like Kings!  We would stay at the homes of some our guides where they actually built beds for us and shared their own rooms. 

I will have to say the food in Ceylon aka Sri Lanka is the best i have ever had. The Spices used are so exotic and perfectly blended. I was so happy to be allowed in the Kitchen to see our friends Mothers and Grandmothers cooking up feasts for our eyes, noses, and bellies.  One dish that really stood out was Mallung. Here is a Video about this wiley gem, that can be made many ways.  My taste buds are going Bezerk at this very moment.  

 I just wanted to say for all you in Sri Lanka tuning in, thank you for sharing your wonderful land and delicious flavors with me. Here are some pics from my journey.  I hope you will tell your friends and continue to listen to the show. 

I Love Kurunegala!!!    More tales of Adventures to be had and told! 


I hope Episode 31 Brightens your Week. Here is the Playlist 


1. Tokyo Dance 
       Tingvall Trio 

2.  Vergangenheit 
      Sublab & Azaleh 

3. Midnight Funk 
     Sam Ruffillo 

4.  Center of the Sun 
     Arms & Sleepers 

5.  Flicker 
     Juno Mamba 

6. Intrastellar 
    thom fjord 

7. Summer Wine 
    The Cambodian Space Project (Feat. Paul Kelly) 

8. Arwen Undomiel 

9. Wish upon a Dog Star 
     Perry Farrell & Booka Shade 

10.  Kirken, Den Er Et Gammelt Hus 
      Tord Gustavsen Trio  

11.  Kel Tinawen 
       Tinariwen (feat. Cass McCombs)


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 30 with Zoe John's Vegan Butcher Shop, Patrick Widdess & Kamuela Kaneshiro's, Legends from the Pacific  

Aloha friends, Thundercats, and Storm Troopers. 

I hope this finds you well. Today is the Dawn of a New Era! Donald Trump has been Fired! I am not going to dwell on this, lets just move forward! This show is not political. We have enough to worry about in the world! 


HIJAK HAWAII should be a musical journey and an Oasis to the ears! 


We are lucky to have a grand new Sponsor this week. The Lovely Zoë John and her Vegan Butcher Shop! All of your favorite cuts with no murder. So and her husband Tony Clifton just moved to Cult Lake up in Kanadia, near Whistler.  While TC tends to the Stables Zoë is busy in the Butcher Shop! Make sure to ask about her November Special! Every Tomahawk Steak comes with a Complimentary Box of Cinnamon Chex! 

Big thanks to Patrick Widdess of Norwich England for the special Promo. Patrick is also an old pal from the days of Osaka. He is one of the most talented poets i have ever met! We even performed live together once at Cafe Absinthe!  Hope to see you soon Patrick!  Patrick also performed an Amazing  and very Memorable Poetry Set at the Stroke of Midnight right in the Middle of my DJ set for around 400-500 people for my 30th BDay Party. You can see Patrick as the Preacher below on the Flyer for the Party! Truly Epic! 


Last but not least Thanx to Kamuela Kaneshiro for the Promo! Kamu has a Killer Podcast called Legends From The Pacific. If you are interested in Spooky Stories, history, and lore of the Pacific Islands, give it a listen. You can also find it on Spotify and Apple Podcasts! We have been pals for quite a few years. We met over Cigars and became quick homies through our love of Cinema and Art! 

It is a Beautiful Day here in Hawaii! I am going to treat myself to a Round of Golf in Ko Olina with a good buddy. I hope where ever you are that your heart is warm and your glass is cold! 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! Peace


This weeks Playlist 


1.The Ancient art of Stealing Butter 
       Aron Estocolmo 

2. Surga (Joseph Ashworth Extended Remix) 
    Budakid, Ester Veen, and Joseph Ashworth 

3. Like 
    Tinlicker and Helsoot 

4. Change of Heart 

5. Goldfinger 
 Shirley Bassey 

 6. Strangest Desires 

7.  Summer Madness 

8. Nothing to Love about Love 
    Peking Duk & The Wombats  

9. My Stripes 
    Marsh & Leo Wood 

10.  Destiny 
      Netsky, Sub Focus, featuring Jazzy 

11. Acid Culture 
       Tyler Myerberg 

12.  Wilted 
      Echo Map  



HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 29 with Sun Beard, Cuban Pete, and "Anal, a Debutante's Tail" by Justin Ottaway  

Aloha Ghouls, Ghosts, and Danish Cucumbers, 

I hope everyone had more tricks than treats for this Halloween! I have another great show for you with some Good News, Great Promos and a new Sponsor. 


The New book that everyone has been waiting for is Finally out! Justin Ottaway's "Anal, a Debutante's Tail"  The Deep Dark truth is explained. Justin is the Pacific Region's utmost expert on everything Anal! His book made number one in the Scranton Gazette! You can get a copy where ever paperbacks, Personal Lubrication, and Adult Toys are sold. 

My Good friend Cuban Pete threw us a great Promo that was just like something out of the Classic Film Stand By Me. It was an old style radio Call Letters promo. This Guy has a lot of Panache and created part of our Intro, My Dog has Fleas on his Ukulele.  I have shared Quite a few Adventures with Cuban Pete, throughout Japan and Hawaii! 


Our next Promo is from Matt Robinson front man for the band Sun Beard. Mat is a Childhood friend of mine and Excellent Musician. This is the fella that joined me on my true first International Adventure to Thailand. It was a blast from playing music on the River Ping in Chiang Mai, fending off Apes in the Monkey City, and chilling on one of the Best kept Secrets on the Planet "The Floatel on the River Kwai"    Sun Beard just released a new album and you can also listen to them on Spotify & Apple Music.  Matt also puts on a Grand Festival every year called Shoefest! If you are in the Midwest toward then end of Summer, it's a show you won't want to miss. 


There are a bunch of Brand Spanking New tracks for your Listening Pleasure!  Hope you Dig them!!! 

Here is the Playlist 

1. Wanderlust 
       Lawrence Hart & Casually Here 

2.  Minor Sunrise 

3. Running in the Dark (Seb Wildblood Remix) 
    Moullinex, GPU Panic & Seb Wildblood 

4. Stay (Club Edit) 
    Joe Turner 

5. Watching over you (Booka Shade Remix) 
    Dapayk & Padberg 

6. Cupido 
    Calibre & Baby Angel 

7. Fountaine 
    Iskra Strings & Pablo Nouvelle 

8. Before We’re off 

9. Adam (Act like) 
    Fred Again… 

10. Regal 
     Polar Inc. 

11. MMXX -XII 
      Diplo featuring Rhye 

12. Thinking about you 
       Sailor & I 

13. Ice Tea 
Yune (Featuring Wayward) 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 28 with BrotherMan's Bunny Chow & Brad Crawford A.S.C.   

Aloha Friends & Scallywags! 

I have another great episode for you with Brand Spanking new tunes and loads of Good News. 


We have a Proud New Sponsor for the Show! BrotherMan's Bunny Chow Bungalow located in Cape Town near Wexford Road Park! First off,What the Hell is Bunny Chow? It is a South African type of Fast Food. It's a Quarter Loaf of White bread filled with Curry. But BrotherMan's Recipe is a step above the rest. The Curry is made from the Blood of Great White Sharks, Artichokes & Rhubarb and the White Bread that is always Gluten Free. 

BrotherMan AKA Dr. Jody Rusch is a Grand Friend and Fellow DJ from the Good Ol'Osaka, Japan Days. We played to many a great crowd and had a hell of a lot of fun! He is now back in his Native Land of South Africa with his wife and two lovely Children practicing medicine.  Below is a Picture of him and I along with a flyer for the Gig Delicatessen that we played together. 

We had a few good times! I wish him and his Bunny Chow Bungalow Well. 


I also received a Special Holler and Promo this week from Brad Crawford of Strata Studios.  He also is a Swell Pal from the Osaka days. He was my Photographer, film maker, and helped me design some of my flyers. I had the pleasure of introducing him to his Beautiful wife Haruca Salt. I then Married the two of them here in Hawaii. He now resides in Winnipeg Kanadia and makes films with his company Strata Studios .  A few great shots of Bradly Washington! I forgot we used to play Basketball on a Team in Osaka also, lol 

As Promised a Picture of my Badass New Toaster! 

My Birthday is on Sunday! I will be 44 which added together equals 8 my Lucky Number! So feel free to leave me a note or Donate to Stop Soldier Suicide!  I am not much of a fan of the Military, but in my job I see Soldier Suicide way too much and it's a problem that is not talked about enough! Besides the brainwashing they have to do to train humans to become killers, they apply so much pressure on these young men and women and then often leave them to fend for their own after they are out.  Many of the orders they give and the soldiers have to obey are inhumane and would twist anyones brain. This is a problem with the system, humans were not meant to be trained to do or handle many of the things that the Military asks them to do. Please help if you can.  

Here is this weeks playlist 

1. Sunshine  
      Mark Eliyahu  

2.  Tunnel 


3. Found  

    Kieran Hemming 

4. Wild is Love  

     Damian Lazarus 

5. No Tomorrow  

    Camo & Krooked (Featuring Sophie Lindinger) 

6. Ultraparadiso 

    Gilligan Moss 

7. Ksamil 

    Dave Winnel 

8. Fluid  

    Yosi Horikawa 

9. Tristeza, Mar Sem Fim  

    Pablo Nouvelle  

10. Don’t believe 

      Can Sezgin & Ziya Baskal 

11. Whistle Blower  

      Brendan Moeller  

12. Horizon  


13. Just Hold on  

      Sub Focus & Wilkinson 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 27 with Swigs & Grinds, Because Sexy food & Sexy drinks, deserve Sexy Music   

Aloha Friends and Sheepskin Pasties, 


My Dear Friend and Dual Custodial Partner of my boy Hitch, Heidi B. is about to launch her Podcast for Swigs & Grinds! She is a Fantastic Chef, Writer, and Patron of everything Decadent, could be why we get along so damn well. You can check her adventures out on Instagram under SwigsandGrinds or check out her website. Please Sign up, Follow, and enjoy. She is truly one of my Dearest friends on this planet and I trust her with my son's life and my own.  Heidi Ho Neighbor!! Thanx for this weeks promo! 

We have tons of new and off the wall beats and gems for you this week. We also have loads of good news. As always please follow me on Instagram and please subscribe to this site, become a fan, and leave a comment below. 

Just for Shits & Giggles, this is what I am currently reading. Decided to take a Break from the Socio-Political and Socio-Econ for some good old Fashioned Science Fiction. Point B is quite fun and Whimsical so far. Drew Magary also wrote my favorite book The Postmortal. If you want to read something beyond belief and astounding, look no further. This book is the what if we found the cure to stop aging and applied it. Enough with my literary ramblings, here is this weeks playlist. 


1. Everybody 
     DJ Counseling 

2. The Summer Camp Fire Drug Song 

3. Dovregubben 

4. Mr. Orange 
    Dengue Fever  

5. Fly While You’re Still Free 
    Mat Zo 

6. Madness to Mayhem (Amtrac’s Steady Mix) 

7. Uhuru (Downpour Remix) 
    Aneesh Gera, Downpour 

8.  Work Work 

9. In Mexico 
    Trashlagoon & Parra for Cuva 

10. I can Boogie 
       Moon Boots  

11. Said & Done 
     Hugh Hardie (Featuring DJ Marky & Cimone) 


As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smilin. Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep.26 and Abseiling  


Aloha Friends and soiled horseshoes! Episode 26 is upon you!  I hope all is well!  Tonight's Sponsor is from Luke Hunter's Bicycle Seats to the Stars and Sumo wrestlers.  I have mine! Best Bicycle Seat I have ever owned!  The man is genius and never sees it! Just what he does! 


Hope you enjoy our new segment,The Hot Shot Banger of the week! We are going to showcase a new song that rips it up and rocks your planet! This week it's Sander Van Doorn, Feels Like Summer  


As always Stay Safe,Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. Peace.  

Thanks for our first Holler from our good friend and fan of the show Brenton Clark! 

This weeks Playlist 

1. Make me Feel Better (Radio Edit)                   
      Alex Adair 

2. Follow (Dillon Francis Remix) 
    Kito, ZHU, Jeremiah 

3.  Falls to you (VIP) 

4.  Lapa 
    Karin Hammar, Magnus Lindgren, Ann-Sofi Söderqvist, Staffin Findin, Mathias Landaeus  

5. Feels Like Summer 
    Sander van Doorn 

6. Godt Begynt 
    Jesper Ryom 

7. Me you 

8. Return of the Green Spider 
    Transglobal Underground  

9. I Miss You (Extended Mix) 
    Nicola Pigini   

10. Run Away 
      Tycho & rum gold 

11. Touch Me 
       UNKLE (Feat/ Liela Moss) 

12. Floating Beams 
       Pavel Dovgal  

13. Seis Continentes 
      Tomas Novoa 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 25 and some Damn fine art   


Aloha Friends and Pastry Chefs.   I really hope all is well in Whoville.  I have some crazy brand new tracks for you this weekend. I did some deep digging for your auditory inspiration. I hope you love the them as much as i do.

This is also the Debut of my first Remix, Ariel (Get busy Living or Get busy Dying Remix) by Spencer Brown & ALPHA 9 and Tweaked by TBP


As I mentioned this weeks show is sponsored by Leonid Afremov.com. His sons have taken over the business and done a wonderful job!  Sadly Leonid passed away about a year and a half ago. He was prolific at his craft and built an amazing studio where his legacy lives on. You can purchase Originals, Copies of Originals done by Leonid, Studio Recreations, Gliceels, and much more.  I hope you will check them out and if you choose to purchase something. Tell Them DJ TripleBypass sent you.  Here are my 3 pieces below and the spots where they in enhance my home. 


We always like to share a little Good news from the Good News Network here on HIJAK HAWAII  Here is some Great news from last week! The Bee's Knees

I hope your weekend is grand & Healthy! 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling..... Peace  

This weeks 


1. Ariel (Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying Remix) 
      Spencer Brown, and ALPHA 9, TBP 

2. Air 

3. No Words 
    Riya, Fred V & The Vanguard Project. 

4. No Lie 
    Michael Calfan & Martin Solveig  

5. Lailonie 

6. All the Way Around (Mr. Beatnick Remix) 

7.  Up and Out 

8. Painted Wolf (K-Lone Remix) 

9. Granular 
   Model Man   

10. Break 

11. Weekend Crender 

12. Epiphany Edit 
      Ross & Friends  

13. San Vorera (Breese Remix) 
      Robot 84 feat. Manuel Amoscotegui 

14. Stratego