HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 77 Spooky Edition  

Aloha Cracked Skull, Leaky Spleen, & Lilly Munster. 

This Episode goes Bump in the night, gets a little creepy, and has some songs of the night. So sit back, find your pipe, put on your smoking jacket and grab a knife. They're Coming For you Barbara!!! 

I have given some nods to a few friends along with some clips from my favorite Horror classics. I even tell a spooky story from my home town of Pontiac IL . It really is hometown USA, watch the link.  Here is a Drive Thru of the town and you can see my childhood home to the right at 9:49 of the video. 

Here is my list of must see Scary Cinema for Halloweiner

The Serpent & The Rainbow

A Nightmare on Elm Street

The Shining

Hereditary Almost too scary for me

The Evil Dead

Cat's Eye

The Monster Squad

The Masque of the Red Death

The House of Wax 1953 in 3D

The Raven 

The Descent



Tigers are not Afraid  I actually have not seen, but i have heard it is amazing and shall see it before the clock strikes Midnight on Halloween. 

This is the Black Phone with Ethan Hawke that comes out soon and looks swell. 

I hope you all get your spook on and Enjoy the show! 

As Always Stay Unsafe, Stay Insane, and Keep on Grinning....Peace


This Week's Playlist 

     Timmy Trumpet (Feat Savage) 

2. Bury Me 
   Brodinski (Maluca & Bricc Baby Shitro) 

3. Forever 
   Pete Drake  

4. The Addams Family (Trap Remix) 
    Trap Remix Guys 

5. My Mind is playing tricks on me  
    Geto Boys 

6. Iko Iko  
  Dixie cups  

7. Rave in the Grave 
    AronChupa &Little Sis Nora 

8. I Fink U Freaky  
  Die Antwoord

9. Dueling Banjos Hawaii edition  

10. Thriller (The Steve Aoki Midnight Hour Remix)  
  Michael Jackson  

11. The Spook returns  
    KSHMR,B3nte & Badjack

12. Astronaut in the Ocean Remix  
   Masked Wolf (Feat G-Eazy &DDG)

13. Where is Jessica Hyde Part 1  
  Cristobal Tapia de Veer  

14. American Horror Story Remix  
      Rifti Beats  

15. Fuck you like an Animal  
     Nine Inch Nails

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 76 with promo by Warren G & his Huge Oosik Emporium   

Aloha Tricky Watering Holes, Chalky Bathtubs, and Paul Oakenfold. 

I Hope everyone is getting out their favorite turtlenecks to go along with those Assless Chaps. I heard is the finest out fit to fight Covid in while wearing your mask backwards. The Wind is blowing furiously on Oahu this evening! Stay Strong.

I heard there was an Earthquake felt throughout the Islands a couple of days ago. I did not feel it, but i think it opened my Microwave and a dished popped in, twas extraordinary.


Big Shout Out and Thanx to Warren G for Stepping up to the plate and being this week's sponsor as well as making my flyer. I met Warren in Osaka back in the day. We had many a wild nights out and about. He now lives in Arizona and Occasionally Alaska. We still keep in touch with a couple of group chats. Thanx again G


This is a Video of the Farmscraper that I discussed in the Good News! 

Here is a Good way to Repurpose Old Wind Turbines

Sustainable Farming and the First Green Tractor! 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling...Peace 

This Week's Playlist 

1.Close (Tutara Peak Remix) 

2. Voyage  

3. California Dreaming 
    Chris Lorenzo (Feat. High Jinx)  

4. Power (Floorplan Remix)  

5. If Only  

6. Homecoming (LTJ Bukem Remix)  
   Above & Beyond  

7. Tigris  
    Lean Low 

8. Deliverance (Joseph Thrash Remix)  

9. Cardboard Castle (Kev Sheridan Remix)  
   Nana Adjoa  

10. Jetstream  

11. Light up  

12. Freefall  

13. Too Much  
      Joe Turner 

14.  Prelúdio 


Aloha Mangy Scoundrels, Checkered Banana Hammocks, and Herman Munster.

As Promised here are some of my Haunting Seasonal Decorations. Halloween is one of my favorite times of year, the weather cools down and the freaks come out. It was about the only month Tolerable in the Midwest. It's always nice in Hawaii, but especially in October. 

In other Wildlife news, this Dandy fella Hitch gets his second Rabies shot today so he can travel safely in and out of Hawaii. Can you believe he isn't even putting up a protest, I guess he believes the Science. 


The Trailer for Venom 2 : Let There be Carnage


The Trailer for The Eyes of Tammy Faye


The Trailer for The Card Counter

Great Films to see! 


This Week's Playlist 

1.  Blue Skies 

2.  Golden  

3. Purple haze  

4. Relationship is  
    bad tuner 

5. These things will come to be 
    Dj Seinfeld 

6. Closer  

7. Maharaja (Talvin Singh Remix) 
     Otm Shank 

8. Loba  

9. Mon Cheri (LP Giobbi Remix) 
    Sofi Tukker, Amadou & Mariam  

10. Young Faces of the Diaspora 
  Aron Estocolmo 

11. Playa Deep  
    Karsh Kale

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... Peace 


Aloha Furry Belt Buckles, Tangled Kangaroos, and Fat Albert. 

Some Pics from the Gin Pinky Gardening Adventure. 

These Next three are Alien Succulents that i have ordered

Some shots from todays trip to the North Shore Kualoa Grown Farmers Market for 5 dozen Fresh Oysters, 3 Racks of Ribs, 3 Dragon Fruit, Ulu Hummus, and a Handful of beets. This Week's Playlist 


1.  The Last Time I Saw You 
      Haich Ber Na 

2.  Chandelier (camoufly remix) 

3. Build a Better World (Hugh Hardie Remix) 
   London Elektricity (Feat: Emer Dineen) 

4. See-Line Woman (Riton Remix) 
   Nina Simone 

5. Reaching Out  
    Dillon Francis (Feat. Bow Anderson)  

6. Summer on the Inside 
 warner case, Jean Tonique & Max Kaluza  

7. Alone in the Room  
   Nuage & Omfeel 

8. Holding U  

9. Fractals  

10.  Life Symphony  

11. A Pathway to Others like you  
  Puppy Mountain  

12. Arc  
    Pretty Girl 

13. Aquamarine 



As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace 



Aloha Popcorn flavored Waterfalls, dusty chaperones with no morals, and Eddie Munster. 


I hope your September is coming to a gainful close.  The world is still wacky! What ya gonna do? Tune into this show, get vaccinated, and order your favorite Pizza.


Please stayed tuned all the way to the end, there is a Secret song to end the show! 


Random shots for fun As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.......Peace


This Week's Playlist 

1.  Feeling Good (Joel Corry Remix) 
      Nina Simone  

2.  Don’t Cry  
     Model Man (Feat Hamzaa) 

3. Felt  

4. Another Planet  
   Marsh (Feat Sun Ra)

5. Love will Find it’s Way  
   DJ Marky & Evabee 

6. Claire (Kazam Remix) 
    Kid Loco 

7. Foreign Things (High Contrast Remix) 
   Amber mark 

8. Cup of Joe  

9. Woodstock (Mano Le Tough Remix)  
  Eelke Kleijn 

10.  A Matter of Time 
      Ben Böhmer  

11. Fusing Bubbles  
     Sam Goku 

12. The Road to Love  
     Sweatson Klank

13. Hêt Dįch Mình Gāp Nhau

     Mai Lê & Nguyên Lê

Bonus track: Hydroplane by Coastal 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 72 with Promo by May Valentine   

Aloha Indonesian Corn Flakes, Liver Flavor Cartoons, and Don Johnson. 

I hope the Fall is breathing fresh air into your lungs and out your nose or Arse. 

Thanx Mayra Dias Gomes  aka May Valentine for the promo and it was great to see you again visiting the island. Mayra is a very successful author, model, and now voice of NWA wrestling which was purchased by Billy Corgan of the Smashing Pumpkins. 

Thanx for tuning in! As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.....Peace


This Week's Playlist

1. Blue Magic 
      Spencer Brown(Feat Danny Shamoun)  

2. Lavender  
    Andrew Rothschild 

3. Don’t Go Asking (Radio Edit)  
    Roswitha Nash  

4. Azure  
    Jordin Post 

5. Please Come Home  
    Clozee & Jead  

6. Suede (Arms & Sleepers Remix)  
    Andrew Rothschild 

7. Together  
    Dope Ammo, DJ Rap & Jasmine Knight  

8. I’ll Find my way to you  
    Elderbrook & Emmit Fenn

9. 2’22’ 


10. Vertigo (Adibanti Remix) 


11. No One (olli remix) 

     Pat Lok 

12. Baka 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 71 Sponsored by Big Red's Foreskin & Origami Shop   

Aloha fruit by yard, toenails painted with Cilantro, and Stevie Nicks. 

I hope your September is swimming and your week is winning.  Here are a few pics from my adventures on Maui last week. It twas a splendid Staycation. Thanx Heidi B. from Swigs & Grinds and Sandra Bailey for the Hospitality 

This Week's show is sponsored by my Good Pal and Golfing Partner Big Red's Foreskin & Origami shop. 

Those other two pals golfing are DJ Globes & Jumpin Josiah 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smilin... Peace


This Week's Playlist 

1. Come to me  
  Moon Boots  

2.   Kawamurra 

3. By your side 
    Sofia Kourtesis 

4. Sendeturm  
    PBR Streetgang

5. Blue to Red 
   Chip Wickham 

6. Gonna Be 
    Fossa Beats, Featuring Ryan Hemsworth &   

7. Brave  

8. GR!T!TO 

9. Dotted Red  
    Jerry Folk & FENGSEL 

10. Does it Matter if you Do? 

11. Caminata 

12. Rainy April  
     Spencer Brown& Qrion

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 5 "National Doggie Day Chilled out Afternoon Edition"  

Pretty Mellow Chilled out set to ease you into the weekend naturally. 

It's almost like Hitchmas!! These are the tracks that i liked but just didn't make the final cut of the HIJAK HAWAII show. 

Have a Delightful Weekend & End to August! 


This Week's Playlist 

1. Farben Dub

    Anton Kubikov

2. Hold on (Ela Minus Remix)

    Little Dragon

3. Quiet


4. Back to the Old Days


5. One Blood (Extended Mix)

   Yotto & Junior Reid

6. Dreams (Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs remix)

    Gorgon City & Jem Cook

7. La Perla (Tourist Remix)

    Sofia Kourtesis

8.  Louder than Words (Rob Swire Chill Mix)

    Pendulum & Hybrid Minds 

9. Yukami

   WEI & jacuzzi jefferson 

10. The Drift 


11.  Heyoka (Mixed)

      My Friend (Feat Lauren L'aimant)

12. Questionable Karma & Good Intentions

     Aron Estocolmo

Sponsored by Danyk Don't Panic's 

Red Needle



Aloha Varnished Polecats, Casper the friendly toast, and Harriet Tubman! 

I hope the end of August is making your hair stand up on the back of your neck and your shoes turn into pearls.  The thoughts of dilapidated migraines frequent those with no original ideas of their own. Think for yourself and do whatever you think is the best for you and your family unless it isn't ;) 


Here are some pictures of my new pond in front of the villa. 

I also lost a few good friend's and team members from the Shogunai Tacos days! RIP and Love and Aloha to All the Way Jay Conway, Brian Stone, and Daniel McGrew. Thank you for helping me through fun and difficult times. 

This week's playlist 

1. Harriet Tubman? 
   Harry Nathan (Feat. you)  

2.   Almost Home  
    Above & Beyond & Justine Suissa 

3. Redrum 
    Paris Green 

4. Stranger to One  

5. Psychedelic Views 
   Sad Night Dynamite (Feat IDK)  

6. Pump the Breaks (LP Giobbi Remix) 
    Dom Dolla 

7. Sip it (Barbur remix)  

8. Creer 
   Elliot Moriarty 

9. Someday  

10. All We Got  
     Shy Baboon & Maejor 

11. Seventeen 

12. Radar (Ruede Hagelstein Radio Remix)  
     Noah Slee

As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 69 Sponsored by Anne Love's White Clothing Emporium.   

Aloha Nashville Foreskins, Portland Corsets, and Desmond Tutu. 

I hope your kids are going back to school and life is getting somewhat back to normal. I can not imagine having to teach a child mat at my age. I would say that's what youtube is for ;) 

Tonight's sponsor is fellow ModSnap Radio DJ Nocturna aka Anne Love. Her Sponsorship is Anne Love's  White Clothing Emporium. This is her secret fetish many don't know about. 

Also as mention here is the Video of the entrance from the Magical Field of Dreams game that was hosted by Kevin Costner and played by the White Sox & Yankees. It's pretty perfect. 

A little Sunday Funday at the Olomana Golf Links sponsored by Koloa Rum Mai Tai's 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace 


This Week's Playlist 

1. Moth Flutters (The Kalaido Remix) 

   Tristan de Liege 

2.   Yefja 

    The Policy 

3. Little Girl 

     Rafau Etamski 

4. Ogou 

   Lakou Mizik & Joseph Ray

5. Migration of the bee-eater 

    jacuzzi jefferson 

6. Night Owl 

    Cihangir Aslan & Dilan BAlkay 

7. FMG 

   Mall Grab & Effy 

8. Wonderland 

   333 Featuring GLXY

9. Looking for 

  Essel & DaniCW 

10.  Untroubled     


11. Venice Beach 


12. Odyssey 

    Javano & Tired Eyes

13. Dahlia