HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 103 Sure do Miss ya Mom!  

Aloha You Dandelions on the Front Court! It has been way too long, but I am back. It was a rough Summer! I lost my Lula Bell, She was my number one Gal and Fan throughout life! She was a Glorious Woman that lived life to its fullest.  She traveled to almost 50 countries and had more friends than me. I miss talking to her everyday on the phone. If you got to meet her, you were lucky, she was a light to many! This show is dedicated to her. 

Love ya Mom, Thanx for Everything! 

Track Listing 

1. Pattern Thinker

    by Haiku Salut 

2. Mango Feedback

    By Four Tet

3. Polybomba

    By Spencer Brown 

4. Domino

    by Amtrac & Samuel T. Herring 

5. Sete (Carlita Remix)

   by BLOND:ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier

6. Hit the Lights

   by Bensley 

7. All That You Need 

   by Don Diablo 

8. Belong 

    by Hello Yes