HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 107 The Fight is on  

Aloha Cluttered Sheep Herders and Tangled Sticks of Kerry Gold! 

This is the second show of the year! Things have been popping in Hawaii! The Fight is on! I have started Boxing Training, Beach Brothers Maple Syrup is for sale online, and I am designing a Watch! Hitch is also doing great and the best Sidekick Fella could have. I have a ton of great new music for you this week and some extra special sponsors. Here are a few pics from my latest exploits 

Happy February and please help and Celebrate and Respect Black History Month! 


This Week's Track List 

1. Wait For Me

    Bop & Subwave 

2. Human Nature 

    Slow Magic 

3. You a Happiness


4. Immortal 


5. Chimera

    Kyau & Albert 

6. Above the Clouds 

    Mikey Lion

7. Hypnotised 

     Diandra Faye & Keeno 

8. Automatic


9. Could Be the One 

    Laid Back Luke & Katy Alex 

10. Falling Off 

      Shingo Nakamura

11. Nothing More (Etherwood Remix)

     Askel & Elere (Featuring YENIAS) 

12. Gonna Get Over You (12" Mix) (ATRAK & WEV Mix) 

     France Joli

13. Behind My Eyes 

      BEAUZ (Featuring Heleen) 


Until we Meet Again! Peace 


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