HIJAK HAWAII 2.0 Episode , 2024 Year of the Dragon  

Aloha Cuddle Fish and Pickled Knickers! 

I am back, it has been quite a While! There is plenty of new music and not so idle banter to be had. I lot has happened since we have spoke last! 

I bought a home back in the Valley. The Studio has a a New location and Hitch & I are happily settling in with lots of new and exciting facets! I took a wonderful trip to Italy, The Baltics, & Scandinavia. It was truly life altering and i can't wait to get back on the open road.  I made many friends along the way! I visited a Variety of Watchmakers! Out OF Order, S.U.F Helsinki, Studio Sarpaneva, MALM, and IFL Wathches

Beach Brothers Maple Syrup is kicking it in to High Gear after a bit of life changing events and road blocks. Here are some photos from my trip and this weeks Track Listing 


Track Listing.

  1. Parhelion by Stendahl
  2. Song of Singers by Kelpe
  3. Good Life by Good Life & Elderbrook
  4. Happy Walking by Sun Glitters
  5. Teatró by Nelver
  6. Free Fall by Foot Rocket
  7. Blood Song by Arms & Sleepers
  8. Extract by Coffee Shop Jungle Featuring Makoto
  9. Momentum by Damian Holden Featuring David Dumeau 
  10. Pages by Adibanti
  11. Teresa (Mixed) bya Tiago de Renor 
  12. So Long (Christian Loeffler Remix) by Jooris Voorn & Kid A
  13. Harmony, No Armory by Bloom
  14. Prophecy by Koelle & Solanca

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