HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 100 I Made it!  

Aloha Gravy Dipped Pineapple, Longshore Bellybuttons and Roni Size. 


Well I finally made it to Episode 100! Holy Shithouse, hard to believe it has been over two years since i have been broadcasting throughout the Universe. Big Thanx to all who recorded Promos for and with me! I will have a Gallery of friends below. 


Brother in Arms, Ryan Miller 

My Beach Brother Cliff John 

May Valentine from N.W.A. Wrestling 

Professional Voice Artist Margaret Chung 

Swigs & Grinds Chef Heidi B. & Coyote Shivers, Empire Records Star & Rock Star 

British Poet Laureate Patrick Widdis 

German Rock Star Holly Eibl 

Legends From the Pacific Podcast Host  Kamuela Kaneshiro

International Abseilor Brenton Clark 

Warren G, Big Game Moose Hunter and Oosik Swinger 

DJ Nocturna 

Rockstar And Voice professional living in Japan Danyk Amyot 

Big Thanx to DJ Cogswell aka Jacob Flores for broadcasting my show twice a week on ModSnap Radio 


Thanx to everyone else that has tuned in from all over the world. If you want to record a promo or fun ad for the show you can email me at matt@hijakhawaii.com 

Here is this Week's Playlist 

1. Everyday the Sun Comes up   
     DJ Counselling 

2. Ensemble Room 

3. Tornasol 
    Tomas Novoa 

4. Lasso 
    Mosley Jr 

5. Mothra Edit  
   Leon Vynehall

6. If you want 

7. Milka (Insct remix)  

8. Paloma 
    Herr Lang & Montezuma 
9. Why so much Hope  
    Arthur Hnatek & SWIMS 

10. Lifetime (HAAI’s Green Lamborghini Romix)    


11. I wish You’d Never  
      Reset Robot

12. Under Pressure  
      Guau & Destroyers 

13. Reliëf 
      Tijn Driessen 

To 100 More Episodes 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling