Happy Holiday's with HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 85  

Aloha Tinsel Tongued Trousers, Helium filled Pretzels, and Dirk Diggler. 

Happy Holidays from Hitch & I! I hope 2022 is a bit more pleasant than 2021. I know it will be with the Launch of Beach Brother's Maple Syrup & The Publishing of my book "The Wrong Side of Maluhia Road" 

I hope these tunes travel with you and keep you safe from Omicron. That must be my Super Power, Saving and Healing through Music! 


Here is this Week's Playlist

1.  edamame (Diplo Remix) 
      bbno$ andRich Brian  

 2.  The Shield (Extended Mix) 
      Lonya & Purple Pill 

3.   Equinox Dub  

4.   Aqiral (Extended Mix) 

5.   de-fleur 

6.  Keep it Together (Ludwig A.F. Under Pressure Mix)  
     Pip Blom 

7.  Diamond Castle (Felipe Gordon Remix Instrumental)  
    Toribio, Haruka Salt  

8.  My Breath (Deeparture Extended Remix) 
    Dezza & Dan Soleil 

9.  Traces 

10. Carefree 
      Grey Killer  

11. See you again  
      Rüfüs Du Sol 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace

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