HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 24 Autumn is Official  

Aloha Friends, Family, and Billabongs.


The Sea Captain Says Good Morning


Well these Covid Weeks are starting to fly by faster and faster. Lot's of Killer new tracks on this week's episode.  Hope this gives your weekend the boost you have been looking for.  


1. In the Darkest Hour (Trouble on My Mind)   
      Daily Bread 

2. Goya! Soda! 
    Christine and the Queens 

3. Adelaide’s Voyage 
    Bad Tuner & Ian Urbina 

4.  I Swear 
     Windows 96  

5. Freaking Me out 
    Ritonn (feat. Nuage) 

6. Nothing for Free 

7. Needledrop (Laurence Guy Remix) 
    Session Victim 

8. Trondheim 

9. Universe in her Eyes 

10. Be. Here. Now 

11. Moving on 
      Alix Perez (Featuring Liam Bailey) 

12. Shot into the Sun 

13. All I need 
     Nora En Pure   


Next week we will be talking art and about my latest scores! 


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