HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 54 with Sponsorship by Patrick Hubble's Vintage Clothing & Military Surplus 

Aloha Popping Purple People Eating Poodle & Shecky Greene. 

  Shecky Greene is considered by many to be the ultimate, consummate nightclub performer. 
  He is one of less than half a dozen comedians who has headlined Las Vegas hotels and been paid in the six figures a week to do so (the others being Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson -- a rare fraternity indeed).

Well the Vaccination Clinics are opening up to almost everyone. So hopefully that is a good sign that we could be returning to somewhat normalcy.  It's beyond wonderful not having to hear Cheeto Mussolini trying to take credit for everything, every 12 seconds!  

I will be receiving my first dose of the Moderna Vaccination today, i have heard the side effects have been growing. Hopefully none of this horseplay happens. 

Tonight's Brand new Sponsor Patrick Hubble's Vintage Clothing & Military Surplus Store is a dandy one. Patrick & and I were Mortuary College buddies from the good old days of Cypress California. Now those were some crazy times, many of my close friends have heard those tales of debauchery. Those might have to wait for the book. 

Play list  

1.  New Light 


2.  Lolita Express  


3. Universal Love  

    Hannah Fernando  

  4. Searching For  

    Linguistics & GLXY (feat. Charlie Perry)  

5. Rübezahl (Black Mix)  


6.  Mideasy  

     Mad Zach & yunis 

7.  So what?  


8. Amygdala  


9. 24/7 (The High Contrast Remix)  


10. Falling Down  

      Friction & Poppy Baskcomb 

11. Empty Bottles  

     Grafix & Degs  

12.  Beats, Bagels, & Baghdad 

      Alnashea & Aron Estocolmo  


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! 

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