HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 61 Sponsored by Cuban Pete's Hairless Cat Cafe & Vegan Deli  

Aloha Toothless Tortoises, Freckled Cucumbers, and Dustin Hoffman. 

June and Summer are on the loose, I hope you can catch them. This week's show is pretty upbeat! Much better than last with more chatter and fun. 


As Mentioned here is a Wild link to Science Has Already Debunked the Top 20 Myths We Commonly Believe to Be True – Ready to be Surprised?


Cuban Pete is back with another Sponsorship, his brand new Hairless Cat Cafe & Vegan Deli is bound to be a Hit in Osaka. 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 

This week's Playlist 

1.  ID v14 

      Spencer Brown & Raito 

2. Fast Forward 


3. All you need is time 

     AK & Dario Lessing 

4.  Tunnel Vision (Durante Remix) 

     Jerro (Feat. Kauf) 

5. Closer 2 U (Ukiyo Remix) 

   Slow Magic (Feat. Manilla Killa) 

6. Time to Breathe 


7. Karlaplan Remix 

    Off the Meds 

8. Fruit&Sun 


9. Airplane (Culture Shock Remix) 

   Sub Focus 

10. Same Song (Moon Boots Remix) 


11.  Twin Souls 


12. Guanabara 

      Drunky Daniels


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