HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 66 Sponsored by Wil Robinson's Banana Hammock & Robot Repair shop 

Aloha Leaping Alfalfa, Congruent Meadows, & Marla Maples. I hope life is treating everyone like a package of Red Vines dipped in Nerds! 

The weather is splendid as always here, on the Island. The Gentle breeze may make you sneeze but not before you eat your peas. Yuck, i don't really care for peas. 

Well I will be traveling back to the Mother Land for a pair of Family Reunions at the end of the month to see Old Lula Bell and the Duffy Side in Pontiac IL and the Forsberg side in Currie Minnesota. I am sure it will be a bit warm, so I may have to purchase one of these Banana Hammocks from Wil.  I am excited to be bringing my Golf Clubs back, so i hope to get a few rounds in. I will be in the Midwest from July 21-August 6.  I have not decided if i am going to do the show on the road or prerecord. Going to check out my traveling studio this week and see how it works. 

Thank you to our Sponsor Wil Robinson's Banana Hammock & Robot Repair. It is quite the spectacle! You may never want to leave after the excitement in either one of his stores. Wil Robinson was a homie and DJ pal back in the Old Osaka days and now resides in Chicago with his family. 

This show has a lot of fun wonky tracks and even a little Good News! Hope you dig it.

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling...Peace 


This week's Playlist

1.  LSD no PSD    

     Lil Trust (Feat Monkey Sa & Joachim Pastor 

2.  Pulses of Information 

     Rival Consoles 

3. Igwee 


4. Sativa Jazz (Radio Edit) 


5. Fafnir 


6. Vertigo (Radio Edit)    


7. Soft Spot 

    Piri & Tommy Villiers 

8. Too Much 

    Waterworld (Buddy Love)

9. Live it up 


10. Heaven 


11. Under 

  Pola & Bryson 

12. Heart of Stone 

     Booka Shade

13. Desert Fractal

     Zed's Dead

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