Aloha Garden Variety Panty Liners, Disco Floor flashlights, and Jr. Sanchez.

I hope everyone is staying warm and dancing up a storm.  Life is maybe getting a little back to normal, we shall see, 5 G is almost fully rolled out, the market is evening out, and there have been 8 Coups in Africa within the last year. Even with things as crazy as they have gotten, Cheeto Mussolini & Shillary McWar are sidelined from power. 

Well I have been boating more in the last couple of months than i have since i have lived on the island, and it has been swell. I even made it up to Randy's Sexual Treehouse again. Here are some pics from my adventures in Paradise. The Morning Sunrise Cruise was on the Vida Mia, the Drum N Bass party was put on by my Dear friend Sejika & Love Beats Hawaii They are bringing out the man himself Aphrodite this week. Here is a video from him, Ganja Man


Not too Shabby

Here are this week's Good New network Links 

Cannabis Could Hold the Key to Preventing Neurodegenerative Diseases, Including Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s

Higher Olive Oil Intake Associated With Much Lower Risk of Death From Various Diseases


This Video of an Alpine Free Skier will blow you Mutha Fuckin Mind! 



As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.......Peace 


Thanx Tony Clifton for the new Vegan promo! 

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