HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 93 Beach Brothers Maple Syrup has landed!  

Aloha Tackle Box Cartwheels, Polyamorous Goldfish, and Herman Melville.

Well it is Official Beach Brothers Maple Syrup has made landfall on Oahu. It has been a long time coming! Hope to be selling it soon! 

I am also in the work of Planning the next Rex Manning Day on April 8th with Coyote Shivers, Pleasant Gehman, DJ Nocturna, Heidi B. and Myself. More Details soon 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. 


This Week's Playlist 

1. Got U wrong  
    Hugh Hardie, Phaction, & Javeon 
2. Droplets 

3. Mad in tents 

4. Satisfy  
    Technicolor & Technimatic 

5. Love the Way  
    Lally & Lens

6.  Dark & Long (Drift 2 Dark Train remix  

7. Pandora  

8. Deep Meaning 

9. Jack & Jill  
     Otis McDonald 

10. Rollerskate 
     Matias Aquayo

11. Daltabaix

     drames rurals (featuring John Talabot, juns, oma totem, & Meritxell Bonastre) 

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