HIJAK HAWAII Episode 21  

Aloha friends and Flounders, 

Here is Episode 21 for your Sensory Perversion of the week. I hope everyone is still saying safe durning Covid times.  In Hawaii have been on Lock Down once again due to the cases spiking.  I have still been Embalming so not too different for me. The stores and Takeout are still available, bars and indoor dining are on the back burner. I will have to say i had the Finest Take Out Sushi in my life last night from Hihimanu Sushi. I am talking melt in your mouth and can't stop thinking of the Decadence the next day! A Masterpiece of Culinary Excellence. Can't wait to belly up to the Sushi Bar for the full Undertaking. 

Here is this weeks Playlist


1. Cruel Summer ReWork 
      Daniel Liebt 

2. One Day at a Time  
     Fritz Kalkbrenner 

3.  I’m in the Doorway  
     Tricky featuring Oh Land 

4. Windless  
     Jvly & edapollo 

5. Home Alone  

6. Notte 
    Still Drop (Featuring Reso)  

7. Morningside (Expansive Mix)  

8. Loops for Healing 
   Octo Octa 

9. Flutter 

10. Everybody’s Lonely  

11. Enter Moon 
     Felix Johansson Carne  

12. Cold Expanse  
     Artificial Intelligence and Makoto 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling  Peace