HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 63 Sponsored by Robertito's El Gringo used Vinyl & 25 yen Electric Pony Rides  

Aloha Tartan Pin Whistles, Scarlet Tricycles, and Elizabeth Montgomery. 

June is looking Lurid with a hint of Clandestine Operations! I say Boulder dash to you epiphany! I have 12 shitloads of glamorous music for you this week. So grab your favorite headphones or commandeer your favorite speakers and lean in close. 

There are some seriously Amazing brand new tracks this week, I hope you are as Hooked as I am! 

This week's Sponsor is Robertito's El Gringo used Vinyl and 25 Yen Electric Pony Rides. Roberto was one of my mates that i met early on DJing in Osaka. We had similar styles in playing world music and songs that no one had heard of. He isa swell Father, Cyclist, Runner, and man about town. 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, & Keep on Smiling.... Peace 

This Week's Playlist


1. Illegal Love 

      Jaymie Silk 

2.    Vluchten 

     Tijn Driessen 

3. More than Human (Extended Mix) 


4. Love 

    Liam Mour 

5. Ischia 


6. Chemicals 

    Peking Duk 

7. Ikigai 


8. Joy 

   Guy Didden (Feat Tosca) 

9. Black Phillip 


10. Love Sick (Epoke Remix) 

     Ross K 

11. Midnight Funk 

     Sam Ruffilo 

12. Let’s Play the Feud 


13. Essential Chrome 

     Booka Shade

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