HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 68 Tales from the Open Road & Beyond!  

Aloha Vicious Apricots, Pleasant Crab Apples, and Guy Pearce. 

This week's show has no sponsor sadly. Just tales of my visit to the Mainland and stories on the road to madness and peculiar misdemeanors. Photos from my journey.  


Very Happy to be back in Paradise! As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... Peace 


This week's Playlist 


1.   Alight 
      Pat Carroll 

2.  For Fork’s Sake  

3. Free 

4. Yang  
     Coss & Lorie

5. Rain 

    Duke Boara 

6. Could this Real (Sub Focus 125 VIP) 

   Sub Focus 

7. Power 


8. Escalate 

    Ben Bohmer

9. Ping Pong  
    Armin van Buuren  

10. Won’t Go  
     Royalston (Featuring Jaynee) 

11. Summer, warm like garam masala

     Aron Estocolmo



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