HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 91 Sponsored by Lil Lord Fontleroy's Ambidextrous Banjos by Matt Robinson 

Aloha Wavering Brass Koala's, Sassy Ginger Milfs, and Ed McMahon.

February is half way through. I hope everyone survived Valentine's Day! It's always Dangerous and a little too red. 


This Week's show is sponsored by Lil Lord Fontleroy's Ambidextrous Banjos which was founded by Matt Robinson of the Band Sun Beard, Anan The Silver Fox of Bangkok, and young Ryder Robinson is being Groomed to take over soon. 

A little of that Good News

Well in other Good News Man Serenades Fox with a Banjo, and funny enough he kind of looks like Matt Robinson, video below


Stray Cats Saved a Restaurant During the Pandemic By Lounging On Miniature Models in the Window (LOOK)


The Ashes of Star Trek Founder’s Wife Get Blasted Into Space on a Mission to Advance Science


The Roddenberrys will rejoin in Space! 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.....Peace


This Week's Playlist 


1.Kiss Kiss Bang Bang (Bou Remix) 
     High Contrast 

2. Bobsleigh 
    The Micronaut  

3. Lay it all On Me  
   Phantoms & Jem Cooke 

4.  Head Rush  

5. Take Care of Business (Rudimental Remix)  
    Nina Simone 

6.  Nova 
     Burial & Four Tet 

7. I know  
    Justin Jay  

8. Concentrate  

9. Forbidden Flow  
   Spencer Brown  

10. Aviate 

10. Echoes 

11. Ride This Out 
   Race Banyon 

13. Planet & Body (Max Cooper remix) 
     Parra For Cuva


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