HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 41 with New Sponsors Saag Weinberg's Dutch Ovens and Daza from Down Under!   

Aloha Opulent Freckles, Banana flavored Seesaws and Dolly Parton.  

I hope everyone is happy that we have finally reached the Dawn of a New Era! See ya Cheeto Mussolini, Science is back in town! Nice to hear crickets on Twitter. Enough of that BS. Already positive action is in motion.  


This Week's Sponsor is Saag Weinberg's Dutch Ovens! In all shapes sizes and smells. Saag Weinberg has been a long time friend here in Hawaii. I met him on the D&B scene. We share quite a few friends and he knows how to have a swell time all the time.  The First picture of us is drinking the first bottle of Stookolie 010 to ever touch foot in the United States! The man who helped create it, Han Hoogerbrugge is a dear friend.  He is a world famous Flash Artist who helped create this tasty Pepper Flavored Vodka out of Rotterdam! 

We had some Really Great News about some Mushrooms that can help increase your Longevity. Check it out Here at the Good News Network. 


Last but Not least I bought this Glorious Clock of Dolly Parton and low and be hold it was delivered on her Birthday!  To that I say Hellooooo Dolly!!! 

This week's show has some extra fun beats! 

As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Keep on Smilin!! Peace 



1. Do this forever 

2. Rose Rouge (Nightmares on Wax Rerub) 
     St. Germain 

3. India 

4. Glue 

5. Fortaleza 

6. Kaleidoscope 
    Joey Pecoraro 

7. One Day at a Time 
    Nu:Tone Featuring Lalin St. Juste 

8. I need Space 

9. Eternal Summer (Marsh Remix) 

10. The Difference (Jon Hopkins Remix) 
       Flume (Featuring Toro y Moi) 

11. Ntili Ntili 

12. The Outside 
     Indian Wells (Featuring Soul Island & Andrea Rizzo)

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 40 with Tim Brown's Tye Dyed Turtle Necks & Crotchless Yoga Pants  

Aloha Roasted Vegemite, Curly Blueberries, and tiny sea slugs. 


I hope everyone is fighting the good fight. It was a beautiful rainy weekend here in Manoa! Almost needed a blanket. Saw a very Interesting film last night with a few friends. Synchronic   Very Film Noir. This movie is not for the faint of heart, it is very dark and moody. Very interesting tho. A bit of a Slow Burn.


Tonight's Sponsor is Tim Brown's Tye Dyed Turtle Necks & Crotchless Yoga pants! Tim make all items to fit perfectly! He is on the Big Island and has a wonderful gallery of his full line. Stop in and check it out. I met Tim through my swell pal Matt Kee. He is a fellow DJ originally from the Bay area and has quite the resume. Check out his Soundcloud here. 

As mentioned in this weeks Good News there were many new species of life found in the Chaotic year of 2020. New Species found Here

It is also a Special Day for American Icon and Sweetheart Betty White! She turned 99 on today January 17. Thanx Betty for all of the great laughs over the years! Here Birthday Story

As Always thanx for tuning in! Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. 



      Steve Darko 

2. Feenicks 

3. Aurora 

4. Day We met 
    Fatima Yamaha 

5. Stay (Tchami remix) 
     Justin Martin feat. Dalilah 

6. Aquiver 
    Le Youth 

7. Formation 

8. Refusal of the Return 
    Russian Linesman 

9. Ikebana 
    Nora Van Elken 

10. Consequence 

11. Two Suns (CloZee Remix) 

12. Dot 
     Mazoulew & Handbook 



HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 39 Sponsored by Grace Chee and her School for Cooking with Light Sabers  

Aloha Chastened Pussycats, Green Arrows, and Green Tulip Bulbs, 

Happy 2021. I am truly hoping it will be a boring and uneventful year with some semblance of normalcy.  But who the hell knows! Regardless Trump has been Fired from Tweeting! Best News in 10 years. 


Tonight's sponsor is by my friend Grace Chee and her school of cooking with Light Sabers. Grace actually does train and teach the Art of Light Sabering and is a very Interesting & Entertaining Person. 

The Big Story I needed to post from this Week's Good News! Researchers Pull Carbon Out of the Sky And Convert it to Instant Jet Fuel, Reshaping Aviation For Good

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying your weekend! The Weather is delightful her in Hawaii as usual. Here are a few pictures of my morning stroll with the Sea Captain. 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling..Peace

This week's 


   Edgar Mondragón 

2. Nocturnes 

3. Antistatic 
   Helly Larson & Miss Disk 

4. Rewind the Days of Youth 
   Route 8 

5. 99 
    dZhihan & Kamien 

6. Marigold Mix 

7. Glacier (eeph remix) 
     Ash Walker 

8. Rainy Day Loop 
   Sundreamer & Edapollo 

9. Satisfied (Marsh Remix) 
    Catching Flies 

10. More Brilliant than the Sun 
     High Contrast 

11. Tachyon 
     Enui & Jordan Bakker

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 38 with Tee Money's Billion Dollar Baby Ass Wipes!   

Happy New Year Citizens of Perpetuity! 2021 is upon us, so let's sit back and relax 2020 has been kicked to the yellow curb.  I hope everyone had a safe and joyous celebration of the end the monotony.  This week's show is a little different. I decided to play some of the songs that lead to my taste today. Some true Digital Classics. I hope it soothes your soul as well as cools your chicken soup. 


I had a Swell evening with my pal Heidi B from Swigs & Grinds . If you want to hear about Sexy Food & Sexy Drinks, check out her Podcast.  That Fine Wine we sampled is the Catena Zapata Malbec, it tells the tale of the Malbec. 

This week's Sponsor is Tee Money's Billion Dollar Baby Ass Wipes. With Gold leafs and they smell like Green Backs! Your Baby's ass will never smell so Rich after these wipes! 

Tee Money Integral part of my Osaka Experience! he always came out and Supported my DnB and was never scared to throw down a gallon or two of the Lord's Juice with the Gang and I. He also made it back for our reunion tour about 7 years ago. Where does the time go. He also loves Drummies, as you will see . Thanx for the Sponsorship Tee Money 

Quite a Few memories! 

Here is this week's Throwback Playlist

1. Dreamtime 

2. Where’s your Head at 
    Basement Jaxx 

3. Brief Encounter 
    High Contrast 

4. Way2tite 
    Situation 2 

5. Born Slippy 

6. Time of your Life 
    Paul Oakenfold 9Feat. Perry Farrell 

7. Pulsar 
     Mauro Picotto 

8. Another Way 
    Paul Van Dyk 

9. Slam 

10.  Computabank 
      Roger Sanchez 

11. Superstylin 
      Groove Armada


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! Peace....


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 37 with Cuban Pete's Almost Vegan Peppermints  

Aloha Kandy Kanes, Missle Toes, and Chris's Krinkle, 


I hope everyone made it through Xmas alive and is getting ready for a hell of a lot better 2021. Who knows what's ahead of us. My bet is First Contact and that is really what this vaccination is about. It is really against Space Herpes which was foretold about in the Film Space Pirates. The thought has always frightened me. Here is what they look like and thank God, Spencer was for Hire back then. 


Some of you may know Cuban Pete, His is the Dear tenor behind MyDog has Fleas, a brother, and damn Swell Calligrapher living in Osaka Japan

I hope Everyone has a Wonderful New Year and as Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling, Peace. 



1.New Gods (Ron Basejam Remix) 
      Catching Flies 

2. Mojave 

3. Bloom (Kimyan Remix) 

4. Dopamine 
    Mild Minds. 

5. Galahad 

6. Neuromance 
   Fort Romeau 

7. Change Will Come 
    Cut Snake 

8. Black Cherry 
    Hudson Mohawke 

9. Back to my bed (Boss Doms & Achille Lauro Remix. 

10. Kanzan (feat. Fakear) 
    CloZee, Pouvoir Magique & Einki 

11. WoodStock (Extended Mix) 
       Eelke Kleijn 

12. FTLOG 
     Jasper Tygner

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 36 with the Infamous Coyote Shivers & Stunning Shawna Cook   

Aloha Turkish Leeks, Cuban tigers, and Dutch Ovens, 


I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying the holiday season. I know I am. It truly is a Gorgeous Saturday afternoon in Manoa today. 

This week's Promo is from my Pal Coyote Shivers who visited the Island last week. Coyote is the Musician who sang and performed the song Sugar High with Renee Zellweger at the end of the film Empire Records. Coyote came out two years ago for our First annual Rex Manning Day at the Equus Hotel , which of course had to be postponed this year due to the Dreaded Sickness. But we shall return on April 8th of 2021 or 2022. 



Also this week's Sponsor is my Swell Friend Shawna Cook from Kanadia! She brings us Shawna Nawna's Costume Shop and Cotton Candy Confectionary and Factory. Shawna was a Sweet dear friend that lived here in Hawaii when I first moved here from Japan. We were very close and still are. I miss that wild gal! 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! Peace

Here is this Week's Playlist, I think this week's music is truly Stellar. 

1.Endless Ocre 

2. Nothing Like You 
    Yotto & SØNIN 

3. Lil Bit 
    Peking Duk & Tommy Trash 

4. 3SEX 
   Indochine & Christine & the Queens  

5. Cage 
    Ekali & Mossy 

6.  When the Sunbursts 
    Catching Flies 

7. Baby it’s you (Kölsch Version) 
    London Grammar 

8. Explorer 

9. Room 1.5 
    Joseph Ray 

10.  Get Warm 

11.  Old Piano 
        Doubutsu System 

12.  Teenage Spaceman (Booka’s 2020 Rework) 
       Booka Shade 

13. Active 
      Chop Daily, Wusu & M.Morgan (Feat He3b) 

14. Other Side 
     Maya Jane Coles 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 35 with Chai Cameron   

Aloha Cardigans, Purple People Eaters, and Lon Chaney. 

I hope where ever you are that it is a Winter Wonderland with the Flavor that you love. It's a a gorgeous day here on Oahu. I hope to head to the beach shortly to finish my current read and start another with my boy Hitch. 

This Week's Sponsor isChai Cameron's Legendary Ski Resorts. Chai is a good friend from Osaka. I actually met him through my longtime friend and Tenor of the show that sings My Dog has Fleas Cuban Pete. Chai has visited me for a few Misadventures here in Hawaii and lended me his flat in Osaka that last time a journeyed to Japan and he was away on Holiday. Cheers Chai and to more adventures down the road. 

Here is this week's 


1. Is it True (Four Tet Remix)     
      Tame Impala 

2. No Mantra 
    Ti Dabo 

3. Crossways (L-Side Remix) 
    Villem, McLeod & Degs 

4. Quicksilver 

5. Vette 

6. Csillag 
    French Dox (Feat. Marsh) 

7. The Key to Life on Earth (TSHA Remix) 
    Declan McKenna 

8. Dragonfly  
    Robot Koch & the Nordic Ensemble 

9. Fly 
    Phil Anker 

10.You Got Me (Dubois edit) 
     Jaguar Jaguar 

11. Met her at a Dance in Leicester 
       High Contrast (Featuring UK Apache and  Ady Suleiman)

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 34 with a new Sponsor The Horse Feather pub by Mariah Dailey  

Aloha Grasshoppers, Toast Points, and Feral Cats, 

I hope everyone is enjoying the holidays in what ever way you can.  I kind of think it is about time to come up with some new Holidays. Thanksgiving, Xmas, Halloween , and the 4th of July are old hat. Let's mix it up and do something fresh August 16th could be the Birthday of Einstein or Gandhi and could take the place of Xmas, February 27th could be just Thanx day and we could be happy with what we have and not worry about shopping the next day.  We could also have a day called Scare the shit out of you day instead of Halloween. We could give out dried fruit and lollipops instead.  Oh and instead of Easter we could have Harry Potter Wand Day, where everyone dresses up as their favorite character and parades around.  These out of date Holidays are getting tiresome and dull, let us shake it up a bit. We could also celebrate Festivus properly. Just my 18 cents and yes religion is silly. 

The Story of our New Holiday Festivus


Today's show is a little more mellow and a little Left Field, still delightful and groovie. Hope you dig it! 

Tonight's Sponsor is a Swell friend and Close follower of the show as she stays safe from Covid in Ireland currently. Here bar the Horse Feather Pub on the North Shore shall reopen upon her return. The one thing that makes her pub special is that she only serves two rejuvenating beverages, Jeppson's Malort and Bulmer's Ciders. Quench your thirst on that. Thanx for your Sponsorship Mariah! 

Some Pics below 

Here is this weeks Playlist 

1.    Time 
       Blackbird Blackbird 

2.  Vibrations on String 
     Rival Consoles 

3. Ritual 
    Leifur James 

4. Puzzled 
    Ian Pooley 

5. This Feeling (R Plus remix) 
     Faithless feat: Suli Breaks & Nathan Ball 

6. Restless 

7. Bodies (Tycho Remix) 
   The Knocks & Muna 

8. Peaceful Groove 
    Teen Daze 

9. Stairs 
    Spencer Brown 

10. Little Push 
     Mocky featuring Liliana Andrade 

11. Fate 
      Christian Löffler 

12. Dreamy 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.  Peace 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 33 Special Best of Show with a Promo by On the Level with Ryan Miller  

Aloha Sea Squirts, Monchichi, and Talcum Powder.... 

I hope everyone in the states had a delightful and not too lonely of aThanksgiving. As for the rest of you, i just hope you are jolly and well fed.  I had a lovely time with my friends Richie and Awa. We had some wine worth Salivating over and I made Venison from Molokai with a Maple Syrup & Cambodian Peppercorn Reduction. Also Richie Gifted me an Original Painting that i Commissioned of Nina Simone. We also had a few rounds of Scrabble and Skip Bo. Also that Wine that Awa is devouring was from Count Dracula's Castle in Romania. 

My Pup Hitch aka the Sea Captain will turn 3 on December first so he received a Holiday Trim with some Glamour shots! 

This weeks Promo was brought to you from my Best Childhood friend Sénor Ryan Miller of Austin Texas, he is showcasing his new company On the Level.This man can use a level in any situation and have the results come out to perfection ever time! Yes that is him in the Casket and we did travel to Ibiza together once upon a time. 

This weeks show was a best of the music I have played since i started the podcast, some of my favorites and some of the fighters my listeners have said they enjoyed! Hope you dig it. 


As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and keep on Smiling Peace 



1.January (TSHA REMIX) 
      Millie Turner 

2. Barely Breathing 
    Dillon Francis 

3. Donkey Serenade 
    Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra 

4. Turquoise (edapollo remix) 
5. Umi Says   
    Mos Def 

6. Pressure 
   James Vickery & SG Lewis 

7. People, I’ve been Sad 
    Christine & the Queens 

8 . Baby Outlaw 
     Elle King  

9. Feels Like Summer 
    Sander Van Doorn 

10.  I Miss you (Extended Mix) 
       Nicola Pigini 

11. Learning to Fly 
      Hugh Hardie 

12. Yokai 
      Edamame and Handbook 

13. Cruel Summer 
      Daniel Liebt 

14. Just 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 32 with our Sponsor Gregg Brown's Thunderball Wrestling School  

Aloha Froggers, Loggers, and Joggers~ 

I hope all of you are safe and somewhat sound!  You are probably wondering who that Dashing fellow above is! That is my Dear friend and once Partner in Crime while living in Osaka, Japan. Gregg Thunderball Brown! He has a Jockstrap for every occasion and is truly the Court Jester. When I was DJing in Japan you could find this Scantily Clad Gentleman often hanging from the Rafters or busting a move on the Dance Floor. We had Quite a Few Adventures.  Here are a few pics from our exploits . 

Tonight's Featured Giggly Drink was The Polar Kangaroo Starring 50% Pink Whitney New Amsterdam Vodka & 50% Simply Watermelon. Truly a Sneaky and Hopping Libation! 

I hope you enjoy all of the great new tracks this week! I think Covid Times is keeping all of the talented DJs inside and Producing, because the amount of phenomenal music to currently lavish our airwaves is mind boggling! 

It has been an overcast, rainy and windy weekend here on the Island! Which Equals loads of Great sleep and I am about to open the HIJAK HAWAII test Kitchen for some Aussie meat Pies. I will maybe post about it later.  

Have a Great Week! Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... 

Here is this week's Playlist 

There is an extra song added on today's show also! 

1. Deep, Dark, & Purple (The Tom Middleton Remix) 

2. Salt N Pepper 

3. Yours Sincerely 

4. Clairvoyance 

5. Power 
    1991 & Bullysongs 

6. Dawn 
    Bronson (feat. Totally Enormous Extinct Dinosaurs) 

7. Try repeat 
     Lawrence Heart 

8. Deep End 
    Joe Hertz 

9. Bag of jein 

10. Ode to Love 

11. Atmosphere 
     Fred V ( Fet. Lottie Jones) 

12. Blue Nights 
      Brendon Moeller 

13. Organic Cold Brewed Hipster Funk 
     Martin Roth 

14.  I Used to Dream