HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 57 Sponsored by Jules Fulton's Topless Whisky Lounge & Swingers Club for Jazz Savants   

Aloha Barking String Beans, Jiggling frostbite, and Woody Guthrie. I hope May is treating you with the restraint of a Chimney Sweep on Adderall. 

I am not sure the weather could be any better than here in Manoa. As for the Westside, now that is a tale for another mother. I went Golfing with Big Red last Friday and it was hotter outside than Two Rats Fucking in a Wool Sock. We almost gave up after 6, but we powered through for a fine day at the Makaha Valley Country Club  A few photos from the expedition. 

Thank you Gertrude Tremble & Jules Fulton for your Generous Sponsorship from your Topless Whisky Lounge & Swingers Club for Jazz Savants, located in the heart of Shinsaibashi. Jules was one the founding members of my promotion crew HIJAK from my days DJing in Osaka. He has a fine eye for photography, excellent taste in High end Spirits, and love and understanding for Jazz that supersedes most.

As I mentioned in the show here is a link to the Good News Story regarding the new way of Learning. The Renaissance could be upon us. 

Artwork Credit :

Shattered RPG - Market of Lokoran 

by RhysGriffiths


This week's Playlist 

1.  Agua Pa Beber  

      Robbie Rivera & Gerardo Varela  

2. Do you  


3. Mace Mace  

    Billy Esteban & Cafe De Anatolia (Featuring Gabriela Novevska)  

4. Sphäre (Pépe’s Instant Clarity Re-Drum) 

    Kollektiv Turmstrasse 

5. Shake 

   Anti Up, Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo 

6. Winterness  

   Doctor Flake 

7. Soft rocks with socks 


8. Negative Returns (Four Tet Remix)  


9. Ichika  

    Jozef K  

10. Double Dutch (AC13 Remix)  

     Murdock & Roni Size  

11. Collage (Calibre Remix)  

     Lady Blackbird


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 4   

Random Art found and enjoyed from Deviantart.com 

Elven City in Forest 

by FerdinandLadera

Thalassa's Farewell 

by Tsayaret

The Deep Sea Color 

by shauncharles

Smoking Lama 

by loupil100



This Week's Playlist 

Hitch Cock’s G- Sides 

1. The Recipe (Bella Boo Remix) 

      Aluna, KAYTRANADA, & Rema 

2. Big 

    Rita Ora, David Guetta, Imanbek (Feat Gunna) 

3. Sapphire 

    Uppermost & Fuji 

4. Yours 

    Zhu & Arctic Lake 

5. Boundaries 

    Franky Wah 

6. Nobody But U 


7. The Cascades 


8. Florescence 

   Felix Johansson Carne 

9. Fluid 

    Yosi Horikawa 

10. Tellurian 


11. Corner Shop 


12. Shake 

     Anti up, Chris Lake & Chris Lorenzo   


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 56 with Sponsor Jerron Roberts Feminine Hygiene Recycling Centers  

Aloha Baltimore Baked Biscuits, Crinkle Cut Lemons, and Phil Donahue. 

I hope May brings Flowers to your door step and Coconut Cream Pie to your Lanai. 

This Week's Sponsor is Jerron Robert's Feminine Hygiene Recycling Centers! it's Quite the Process. Jerron is a swell pal that I don't get to see enough! He is a very busy Family Man and very Good Father & Husband. Yet I still wish to see him more. 


This Is where Jerron & I first met. He had the Pop Pop Donut Stand and I had my Shogunai Taco Truck and we used to do these huge events Eat The Street and The Honolulu Night Market.  Here is my video from those days 


Here is my list of Films & Shows to watch this month 


1. Nobody 

2. Tom Clancy's Without Remorse 

3. The Virtuoso 

4. Judas & The Black Messiah 

5. Mortal Kombat



1. The Godfather of Harlem Season 2 

2. Warrior 

3. Condor

4. Mosquito Coast 

5. Generation Hustle

6. Them

7. Q: Into the Storm 


It's a Start. As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.... Peace 


1.  5am Mood 

      Tim Reaper 

2. Julia (Deep Diving) 

    Fred again 

3. Bora 


4. Vrieslaan 


5. Isolate 


6. Sheltered 

    John Tejada 

7. Shimmer 


8. Dilatant 

   Alland Byallo (Feat. Matt Paull) 

9. Now that We’ve been in Love (Matt Zo Remix) 


10.  Bang Bang 

      Rita Ora & Imanbek 

11. White Lies (Keeno Remix) 

     Sulltan +Shepheard (Feat The Cut) 

12. Varshaver (Manic Focus Remix) 

     Balkan Bump (Feat. Clozee)


Aloha feathered forklifts, dick shaped Transformers, and Hunter S. Thompson. 

I hope the end of April finds you swell. Lots of swell tunes for you, along with some good news and few fun old ads. 


Hope you enjoy the show! Please submit your email or leave a comment below! 

A link to the 70 year Old Randy Booby named Wisdom! 



1.   Woods 

      Justin Martin (Feat Seaof Bees) 

2. Technobloom 

    Nox Vaughn 

3. Headspace (PALLADIAN REMIX) 


4. As Long as Love is Divine 


5. Diana’s Game Pt. 1 


6. Fry 


7. Satanic Nafs (The Gaslamp Killer & Mophono 


    Jaubi (Feat Tenderlonious & Latarnik) 

8. Roygbiv 

    Third son 

9. UK Border Patrol 


10. I should Go 

     James Vincent & Kenny Beats 

11. Breathless 

      GLXY & KSR 

12.  I Feel You (Jacana People Remix) 

      Emancipator & 9 Theory 

13. Droids 

     Steve Darko & Nik Thrine


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane and keep on Smiling! Peace 

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 3   

More Music & Less Chatter 


1.   Destiny71z 


2.   Cool Breeze 

      Nick Coleman 

3.   Anon 

      Teeth Agency 

4.  Constant Fracture 

     Com Truise 

5. Sorry For your Gloss 

    Mux Mool 

6. Tellurian (Recondite Remix) 


7. We Don’t Win 

   Little People 

8. The Time is here at last (Mitekiss Remix) 

    Etherwood (Feat Hybrid Minds) 

9. Like You Do 


10. Descendent of Memory 

     Tommy Guerrero 

11. Empaca la Tanga 


12. First Day of the Year 


13. One Grain of Sand 


14. Mimba 

      Allan Nunez & Electro Doctors 

15. Tranquility 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 54 with Sponsorship by Patrick Hubble's Vintage Clothing & Military Surplus  

Aloha Popping Purple People Eating Poodle & Shecky Greene. 

  Shecky Greene is considered by many to be the ultimate, consummate nightclub performer. 
  He is one of less than half a dozen comedians who has headlined Las Vegas hotels and been paid in the six figures a week to do so (the others being Buddy Hackett, Don Rickles, Bill Cosby and Johnny Carson -- a rare fraternity indeed).

Well the Vaccination Clinics are opening up to almost everyone. So hopefully that is a good sign that we could be returning to somewhat normalcy.  It's beyond wonderful not having to hear Cheeto Mussolini trying to take credit for everything, every 12 seconds!  

I will be receiving my first dose of the Moderna Vaccination today, i have heard the side effects have been growing. Hopefully none of this horseplay happens. 

Tonight's Brand new Sponsor Patrick Hubble's Vintage Clothing & Military Surplus Store is a dandy one. Patrick & and I were Mortuary College buddies from the good old days of Cypress California. Now those were some crazy times, many of my close friends have heard those tales of debauchery. Those might have to wait for the book. 

Play list  

1.  New Light 


2.  Lolita Express  


3. Universal Love  

    Hannah Fernando  

  4. Searching For  

    Linguistics & GLXY (feat. Charlie Perry)  

5. Rübezahl (Black Mix)  


6.  Mideasy  

     Mad Zach & yunis 

7.  So what?  


8. Amygdala  


9. 24/7 (The High Contrast Remix)  


10. Falling Down  

      Friction & Poppy Baskcomb 

11. Empty Bottles  

     Grafix & Degs  

12.  Beats, Bagels, & Baghdad 

      Alnashea & Aron Estocolmo  


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 53 Sponsored by Kurry Wong's Ping Pong Playhouse & Emporium   

Aloha Canoodles, Poodles, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

It was another lovely week in Paradise. We had a Killer Rex Manning Day Event at the Paniolo Bar located in the Equus Hotel.  We had a grandiose and intimate event with my boy Coyote Shivers and his lovely Princess Pleasant Gehman . Also a big shout out to Heidi B. from Swigs & Grinds for the Luscious Spread & to DJ Nocturna for the wonderful interview with Coyote and getting the word out there. Also thanx for all the photos from Michelle The White Pigeon Queen for all of the pics! 


This week's Sponsor is a Swell pal and friend of the show and known for her unabashed love for Chinchillas 

A few pics with Hitch on the North Shore, my weekend getaway from Paradise to Paradiso 

This week's Playlist 


1. Reflection 

      DJ Counseling 

2. Wormhole Teatime 

    Figmore, Juicebox, & 10.4 Rog 

3. Himalyan (il:lo Remix) 


4. Regrow your Scallions 


5. Her Eyes 

    Elektrobin & Hip Dozer 

6. Turn Back Time (Kuu Remix) 

    Diplo & Sonny Fodera 

7. Options (Thor Rixon Remix) 


8. Tranquil Chaos 

     Sahamanyu (Feat Prachi Kelkar) 

9. Destiny71z 


10. Santorini 

      Fingerprint & Spencer Brown 

11. Thunder Radio 

      Nuage & Ian Urbina


As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smillin..... Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 52 Sponsored by Jeremy Dodson's Cherry Wood Dentures  

Aloha Cartoon Grapefruit, Tapioca, and René Magritte. 

April has landed and boy oh boy do I yearn for the Majesty of the Osaka Cherry Blossoms. Here are a few illuminating pics i stole from my swell pal Jules Fulton. These were actually taken in Nagano

We only have a few seats left for tomorrow night's Rex Manning Day: Dinner & Film with Special Q&A with my Pal Coyote Shivers. Email me if you would like a seat at the table. Only 5 tickets left, they are $30 (which include a Lasagna Dinner) No Host Bar. 

Tonight's Sponsor is my Great friend Jeremy Dodson's Cherry Would Dentures. We went to High School together and have stayed rather close all while living quite a ways away.  Lot's of Great Memories Jer. 

As I mentioned in this week's Good News, the Mystery behind the Humming Bird is no more.  Check the Video out below. 


Here is this week's Playlist 


1.   Seventies  
      Theo Kottis  

2.  Ghost Town Riddim 

    Jonny Reebok  

3. On the Rhode  

    Milton Keys  

4. Warm Pants (Com Truise remix) 

    Dua Saleh  

5. Elektron 

    Nick Coleman 

6. Axon  


7. Girlfriend Material  

    Mux Mool  

8. Rockledge 3A  


9. That Feeling  


10. Blinding lights (Joris Voorn Remix) 

     Alex Kennon & Joris Voorn 

11. Smoke Hole  

      Sad Night Dynamite  

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.  Peace 

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 2   

I hope this Volume 2 of Hitch Cock's G-Sides puts you in the high spirits of Shenanigans!  


This week's Playlist


Snoop Dawk  

2.  Nights  
    Jesper Ryom 

3.   Mysterious Frequencies 
     Tommy Guerrero 

4.   Canvey Island  

5.   New Dorp, New York 
SBTRKT (Feat. Ezra Koenig) 

6.  Las Nalgus de Venus 

7. Is this our Eath  
    lane 8 

8. On my mind (eastern bloc remix) 

9.   Body  

10. Dream Reverb  
    Parra for Cuva 

11. Yira Yirar  
    Marco Tegui 

12. Lose Control  
     The Egyptian Lover 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 51 with Singing by Teddy Forsberg   

Aloha Dippy Lipton's, Frothy Bottoms, and Placemats with no tires. 

I hope everyone has settled down from last week's 2 part special for 50 episodes.  I have a ton of great music for you this week. I even sing a little as Teddy Forsberg. So hold your children close and if you have any pests in the pantry, just play the last song on this show! 

In the above flyer, I did have some fire cupping and Acupuncture done yesterday, so i thought I would dress it up a bit, with my Yukata and Modern Drunkard Fez. 

I am hosting a special event coming up, it's Rex Manning Day: Dinner & Film held on April 8 from 6-9:30 at the Paniolo bar located in the Equus Hotel. Tickets are $30 each which include Dinner, the film with a Special Q&A by the One and Only and good friend of the show and pal O mine Coyote Shivers.

He will be doing a special Interview on DJ Nocturna’s show The Queen of Wands this Saturday April 3 on ModSnapRadio.  Please email me for presale tickets at djtriplebypass@gmail.com,  I only have 14 tickets left. Due to Covid times this event will be small and intimate with plenty of spatial distancing. There will only be room to watch the event while sitting and dining no standing.  


Rex Manning Day is a Collaboration with Heidi B. from Swig & Grinds, The Equus Hotel, DJ Nocturna, HIJAK HAWAII 

Happy April Friends! 

As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 



1. Bakaval  

      Aquarius Heaven 

2.  Dreams  

     Karma Fields & Shey Baba 

3. Kin 

   Mazoulew & Handbook  

4. What did you do? 

    Ost & Kjex Feat.. Tracee Meyn 

5. Solarcoaster (Marsh Remix)  


6.  Blue Essay  


7. Zest Please  

    CloZee & Maddy O’Neal 

9. Cadence (VIP MIx) 


10. True  

       Seba & Emily Harkness 

11.  Behind the Sun (John Tejada remix)  


12. Porcelain (Reprise Version)  

      Moby featuring Teddy Forsberg &  Jim James