HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 53 Sponsored by Kurry Wong's Ping Pong Playhouse & Emporium   

Aloha Canoodles, Poodles, and Zsa Zsa Gabor. 

It was another lovely week in Paradise. We had a Killer Rex Manning Day Event at the Paniolo Bar located in the Equus Hotel.  We had a grandiose and intimate event with my boy Coyote Shivers and his lovely Princess Pleasant Gehman . Also a big shout out to Heidi B. from Swigs & Grinds for the Luscious Spread & to DJ Nocturna for the wonderful interview with Coyote and getting the word out there. Also thanx for all the photos from Michelle The White Pigeon Queen for all of the pics! 


This week's Sponsor is a Swell pal and friend of the show and known for her unabashed love for Chinchillas 

A few pics with Hitch on the North Shore, my weekend getaway from Paradise to Paradiso 

This week's Playlist 


1. Reflection 

      DJ Counseling 

2. Wormhole Teatime 

    Figmore, Juicebox, & 10.4 Rog 

3. Himalyan (il:lo Remix) 


4. Regrow your Scallions 


5. Her Eyes 

    Elektrobin & Hip Dozer 

6. Turn Back Time (Kuu Remix) 

    Diplo & Sonny Fodera 

7. Options (Thor Rixon Remix) 


8. Tranquil Chaos 

     Sahamanyu (Feat Prachi Kelkar) 

9. Destiny71z 


10. Santorini 

      Fingerprint & Spencer Brown 

11. Thunder Radio 

      Nuage & Ian Urbina


As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smillin..... Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 52 Sponsored by Jeremy Dodson's Cherry Wood Dentures  

Aloha Cartoon Grapefruit, Tapioca, and René Magritte. 

April has landed and boy oh boy do I yearn for the Majesty of the Osaka Cherry Blossoms. Here are a few illuminating pics i stole from my swell pal Jules Fulton. These were actually taken in Nagano

We only have a few seats left for tomorrow night's Rex Manning Day: Dinner & Film with Special Q&A with my Pal Coyote Shivers. Email me if you would like a seat at the table. Only 5 tickets left, they are $30 (which include a Lasagna Dinner) No Host Bar. 

Tonight's Sponsor is my Great friend Jeremy Dodson's Cherry Would Dentures. We went to High School together and have stayed rather close all while living quite a ways away.  Lot's of Great Memories Jer. 

As I mentioned in this week's Good News, the Mystery behind the Humming Bird is no more.  Check the Video out below. 


Here is this week's Playlist 


1.   Seventies  
      Theo Kottis  

2.  Ghost Town Riddim 

    Jonny Reebok  

3. On the Rhode  

    Milton Keys  

4. Warm Pants (Com Truise remix) 

    Dua Saleh  

5. Elektron 

    Nick Coleman 

6. Axon  


7. Girlfriend Material  

    Mux Mool  

8. Rockledge 3A  


9. That Feeling  


10. Blinding lights (Joris Voorn Remix) 

     Alex Kennon & Joris Voorn 

11. Smoke Hole  

      Sad Night Dynamite  

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.  Peace 

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Vol. 2   

I hope this Volume 2 of Hitch Cock's G-Sides puts you in the high spirits of Shenanigans!  


This week's Playlist


Snoop Dawk  

2.  Nights  
    Jesper Ryom 

3.   Mysterious Frequencies 
     Tommy Guerrero 

4.   Canvey Island  

5.   New Dorp, New York 
SBTRKT (Feat. Ezra Koenig) 

6.  Las Nalgus de Venus 

7. Is this our Eath  
    lane 8 

8. On my mind (eastern bloc remix) 

9.   Body  

10. Dream Reverb  
    Parra for Cuva 

11. Yira Yirar  
    Marco Tegui 

12. Lose Control  
     The Egyptian Lover 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 51 with Singing by Teddy Forsberg   

Aloha Dippy Lipton's, Frothy Bottoms, and Placemats with no tires. 

I hope everyone has settled down from last week's 2 part special for 50 episodes.  I have a ton of great music for you this week. I even sing a little as Teddy Forsberg. So hold your children close and if you have any pests in the pantry, just play the last song on this show! 

In the above flyer, I did have some fire cupping and Acupuncture done yesterday, so i thought I would dress it up a bit, with my Yukata and Modern Drunkard Fez. 

I am hosting a special event coming up, it's Rex Manning Day: Dinner & Film held on April 8 from 6-9:30 at the Paniolo bar located in the Equus Hotel. Tickets are $30 each which include Dinner, the film with a Special Q&A by the One and Only and good friend of the show and pal O mine Coyote Shivers.

He will be doing a special Interview on DJ Nocturna’s show The Queen of Wands this Saturday April 3 on ModSnapRadio.  Please email me for presale tickets at djtriplebypass@gmail.com,  I only have 14 tickets left. Due to Covid times this event will be small and intimate with plenty of spatial distancing. There will only be room to watch the event while sitting and dining no standing.  


Rex Manning Day is a Collaboration with Heidi B. from Swig & Grinds, The Equus Hotel, DJ Nocturna, HIJAK HAWAII 

Happy April Friends! 

As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 



1. Bakaval  

      Aquarius Heaven 

2.  Dreams  

     Karma Fields & Shey Baba 

3. Kin 

   Mazoulew & Handbook  

4. What did you do? 

    Ost & Kjex Feat.. Tracee Meyn 

5. Solarcoaster (Marsh Remix)  


6.  Blue Essay  


7. Zest Please  

    CloZee & Maddy O’Neal 

9. Cadence (VIP MIx) 


10. True  

       Seba & Emily Harkness 

11.  Behind the Sun (John Tejada remix)  


12. Porcelain (Reprise Version)  

      Moby featuring Teddy Forsberg &  Jim James 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 50 with Special Guests Margaret Chung, Tony Clifton, Danyk Amyot, Erik Archer, & Heidi B  

Well, We made to Episode 50.  It has been a wild ride. Tons of new tunes, great sponsors, Good News, and fans all over the world Especially in Sri Lanka! Thank you for all the Special Promos for Episode 50! it mad the show Quite Special. Margaret Chung, Tony Clifton, Danyk Amyot, Erik Archer, and Heidi B. Please take a Digital Bow! 


As I mentioned on the Show I am announcing my new Endeavor of Becoming the Maple Syrup Baron of the Pacific along with my Pal & Business Partner Clifford John aka Tony  Clifton. Here is a first look at our Logo. The Final copy will be a little Different, but this is pretty Damn Close! Good things are coming. We are going to start Distribution in Hawaii & Japan.  

Thanx again for all of the continued support and for tuning in. Please feel free to share this show with friends and family! Also Big shout out and thanx to ModSnap Radio for posting my show on your station on Wednesdays & Fridays!  

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. Peace  

This weeks 


1.  Donkey Serenade 

     Machito & His Afro-Cuban Orchestra 

2. Risky Business  


3. Bag of Jein  


4. Baby Outlaw 

    Elle King 

5. Nothing to love about love  

    Peking Duk 

6. Fly while your still Free 

   Mat Zo 

7. January (TSHA Remix)  

    Millie Turner 

8.Met her at a dance in leicester (DJ Marky Remix) 

   High Contrast featuring UK Apache & ady Suleiman  

9.The Summer Camp Fire Drug song  


10. Feels Like Summer  

     Sander Van Doorn 

11. Exit Stage left  


12. One Day at a time  


HIJAK HAWAII Ep 50 Part 2   


Part 2 

Some more of the Best tracks from our first Year on Air! Thanks to all those who made promos for me! Please Keep them coming!! 


1. Follow (dillon francis remix)   

   Kito, zhu 7 jeremiah 

2. Ariel (Get Busy Living or Get Busy Dying TBP Remix) 

   Spencer Brown & Alpha 9 

3. Sunshine 

   Mark Eliyahu 

4. Intrastellar 


5. Like We used to 


6. I miss you (extended mix) 

    Nicola Pigini 

7. Happyface (Joe Goddard Remix edit) 


8. The Blame (Dj Seinfeld remix) 

   Bob moses 

9. Torch 


10. Lailonie 


11. It’s not the End 

    Harbor Tea Rooms 

12. Inkoleo 

   Goldie, James Davidson & Subjective 

13. LIKe you do 



Aloha Corned Rabbits, Irish Magpies, and Sean Connery. 

Holy Frazzled Dog Shit! Putting tonight's show together has been a bunch of powdered milk and cucumbers right up the old Arsehole! For Fuck sake technology can sure be a cunt! 

Anyway as mentioned in the show, i have a wee bit of cough, that does not have me all warm and fuzzy. Quite the opposite. 

I actually think the show is quite stellar with tons a swell music and fun recordings.  

Happy St. Patty's day to everyone. I am going to smoke a Corned Beef on my Kamado Joe, along with some cabbage, carrots and potatoes.  It shall be an all day affair and lead up to my pilgrimage watching of Darby O'Gill & the Little People. 

I hope you enjoy this wild Irish Journey 


1.     OOALh 
         Redondo & Ruben Golde 

2. On My Mind (Eastern Bloc Mix) 

3. AKasaka by night  

4.  You don’t know  
    Louise lee & Drama Hights 

5. Luz y fer 

6. Future Deserts 
   Tommy Guerrero  

7. Panda Journey  
    Good Lee  

8. Primal  

9. Tranquility  

10.  Vonur  

11.  The Prey  

12. Longest Hour  

13. History (Technimatic remix) 
    BCee & Charlotte Haining  

13.That Vibe  
    Koresma & Matt May 

As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 48 Sponsored by Adam Aziz's Cock Socks & Red Needle Promo by Danyk Don't Panic  

Aloha Bubonic Scoundrels, Vedic tooth Washers, and Elliot Ness. 

I hope Everyone is swell and candy coated with Vigilance and Sweetness. I have tons of great new bangers for you this week, and sadly not enough time for the good news, but don't worry it shall return. 

This Week's sponsor is Adam Aziz's Cock Socks. He has got you covered. Adam was a world renown Bar tender in Osaka that was known for pouring drinks in his birthday suit with a well placed sock. He is also a great pal! 

Tonight's Brilliant Red Needle Promo was brought to us by Genius of Danyk Don't Panic! World Class Musician,Marketeer, Dj, and super close Homie I miss from Osaka. There will be many more fun promos from this fiendish fellow

This week's 


1.Better Place (Super Flu Remix)   


2. Open up (Durante Remix)  


3. Beach Simulator 3d 


4. Day 9  


5. Geb (Spencer Brown Rework) 


6. Sinking Walls  


7. Aija 


8. Shizumu 


9. A Dark Matter  

    Aleph One  

10. Lonely  


11. Only thing  

       Steve Darko 


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and keep on Smilin.... Peace

Hitch Cock's G-Sides Ep. 1   

Aloha friends from Beaver Creek, Waffle iron Flats, and Hammerville. 

This new Mix is a Collection of tunes that almost made it on the HIJAK HAWAII Podcast. Some weeks have more music than others, i think due to Covid, there are many more people producing really good music. This may not be weekly, because some weeks are more fruitful than others, Hope you dig it. 

Here is the 


1. Please Ascend 

2. Love  

3. Kokiri Forest 
    Hugo Mari 

4. Moof! 
    Gianni Brezo 

5. Sincerely, G 

6. One Grain of Sand  

7. Live and Let Live  
    Robin Schulz (Feat. Sam Martin)  

8. Jalisco (Bella Boo Remix)  

9. La marcheuse  
    Christine and the Queens  

10. Interlude 
      Route 8 

11. Lil Bit 
      Peking Duk


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 47 Sponsored by Michael McDermott's New Line of Clothing "Priest Passing Fancy"   

Aloha Fined Toothed Debutantes, One Hit Blunders, and the Late Great Bill Buckner. 


The Ides of March are upon us! It has been Rainy, Windy, a little Chilly, and downright Mystical here in the Islands! I hope you can all say the same. I have some great new music for you this week! Some weeks are a little more difficult than others to pick which trax will fit in a One Hour Slot. So i have decided to have a spinoff show dedicated to the tunes that were confident enough to make it, but just couldn't cut the mustard. Depending what kind of mustard you are using, it can be a chore to get through. 

The New Mix Show will be called Hitch Cock's G-Sides. Thankfully I have just the Guy to take up the task of Modeling and transforming for this Flyer! 

Just for some added fun, we have some guest vocals this week. Alf has graced us with a few words. The song that follows his Soliloquy is Sunrise over Melmac by Powel. Melmac was the name of Alf's home planet. My Mind Works in Mysterious ways, just like the lord. 

Tonight's Show is Sponsored by Michael McDermott's New Line of Clothing "Priest's Passing Fancy"

For that Chaplain with Major Moxie. He has all of the new and Colorful Robes, Chastity Belts, Dickies, and Young Roger Shorts. No Matter your Fatherly Ways Michael has something Divine & Immaculate  just for you! Come Wine or Dine, Priest’s Passing Fancy  will have something as new and fresh as a Baptism, whether you like it or not!  If you mention the word’s forgive me Father for i have sinned receive a free Pastoral Collar or Neon Rosary. Priest’s Passing Fancy, its so Heavenly.  

Michael is a talented Photographer and Good friend here on Oahu. Need some Photos taken for a Wedding, Graduation, Bar mitzvah, or even a game of Crisco Twister? Look no further, Michael McDermott and Vivir Photography is your ticket 

Cheers Big Ears


A little bit of Interesting Good News this week. Doctors have learned how to directly Contact Lucid Dreamers while they are asleep. 

This seems like an Episode of Black Mirror that could go Awry. There is also an App for this but sadly only on Android. 

Also a Very Important bit of Good News is the Start up of Gary Sinise's New Network to Help Veterans & First Responders called Avalon!  Gary Sinise is a true Unsung Hero! As many know, many of our troops are left to their own devices after their tour is finished. This just isn't right, with all of the problems from injuries, PTSD, Suicide, and all kind of ailments that were caused from their service and the Government will not even acknowledge.  Gary has stepped in and really made a difference!  Thank you for your Service to Humanity Gary! 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace

This week's Playlist


2. Some Day I Will 
     Barry Can’t Swim (Feat Hawi) 

3. Pacific 

4.  Tide (Trey Mirror Remix) 
    Henry Green (feat. Andreya Triana) 

5. Love Dub 
    Marcus Worgull 

6. Circles (The Micronaut Remix)  
    June Cocó 

7. Sunrise over Melmac 

8. Lights on the Headland 
    Roland Tings 

9. Safe From the Storm 
10. Nadir 
      Christian Löffler 

11. The Blame (DJ Seinfeld remix) 
      Bob Moses 

12. 6 O’Clock Rock 
      Hiatt dB