HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 46 with Sascha Shindler's Meat Flavored Schnapps   

Aloha Drunken Noodles, Wasky Wabbits, & Conway Twitty. 

Well the Weather is Splendid as always in this God Awful month of February. I hope it's as good for you as it is for me! Life is a lollipop that doesn't always suck! 

I see, said the blind man, to the deaf woman, who pissed in a fan, that came right back to her. 

Tonight's Sponsor and friend of the Show is Sascha Shindler's Meat Flavored Schnapps from Ulm Germany.  Sascha has been one of my closest friends during my time here in Hawaii. He is the Premiere and best Skydiver in the Islands and North of the Equator. We have had quite a few memorable Sunday's on the North Shore at Polo and at the Annual Oktoberfest event at the Hale Koa in Waikiki where i have become an Honorary German that actually wears Lederhosen 

There was too much swell Music to get to the Good news this week to get to the Good News, but here a few links for you! 


New Zealand Designer Makes Ingenious Solar-Powered Skylight That Desalinates Water For Drinking


Tex-Mex Restaurant Owner Spends $2,000 of His Own Money to Promote Competitors Who Are Struggling


Dolphins Have Similar Personality Traits to Humans, Study Finds



1. Kana Ya Makan 
     Riyozaki & Cafe De Anatolia 

2. Sand that Moves 
    Animal Collective 

3. Stanger (DJ Boring remix) 

4. Blooms 
    Sau Poler  

5. 1,000,000 x Better (Romare Remix) 
     Griff featuring Honne 

6. Matano Trumpet Jam 
    Jad & The 

7. Show Me Love 
    Submotion Orchestra 

8.  Feeling Good (Chris Avantgarde Remix) 
      Nina Simone 

9. Polydub (Frank Maurel Remix) 
    Joris Voorn 

10. No Tomorrow (Red Bull Symphonic Rework) 
     Camo & Krooked (featuring Sophie Lindinger) 

11. Always Do you (Mixed) 
      Spencer Brown (Feat. Rachel K Collier) 

12. Demba 
      TSHA (Featuring Trio Da Kali) 

Bonus Tracks  

13. Trailblazer 
      Elder Island 

14. Cannot Escape Your Love (Millbrook Remix)  
       BCee & Lita


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling, Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 45 with Sponsorship by Ron Tickle's New Endeavor " Husky Dick's Salad Saloon"   

Aloha Tanned Catskillz, Forlorn Thumbnails, and Hugh Lorie. 


I hope everyone is surviving through these wild winter storms! It has been tough here in Hawaii the last few days.  Yes My Pup Hitch gets his own umbrella at the Beach! He isn't much of a Sun Worshiper or Worshiper of anything, takes after his sidekick DJ TBP.

Thanx to Ron O'Neal aka Ron Tickle for his Sponsorship of this week's show! Husky Dick's Salad Saloon is goin to be a huge hit in Central IL. A good tossed Salad is as good in the Snow as it is in the Sun! Ron is a good friend that I grew up with in good Ol Pontiac IL. Ron is a fellow Dj, seasoned MMA fighter,  and can be little Dangerous on the Golf Course. 

Here is a Video on some of the fun to be had on the Amazing Kamado Joe Smoker/Grill/Pizza Oven that i recently acquired. 


This week's Playlist 

1. Show Me 
    TÂCHES (featuring Benny Bridges &  

2. Time  
    FEYNMAN & Monomotion 

3. How the Sun Rose  
    Sweatson Klank  

4. Bittersweet  
    Michael Calfan 

5. Wen Uuu (The Schlomo Cover)  

6.  Justfeelin  

7. I’m Not Afraid (Computer Data Remix) 
    Earth Trax 

8.  It’s Ok  
     Catz ’N Dogz 

9. Met her at a Dance in Leicester

   (The DJ Marky Remix) 
      High Contrast  

10. I feel  
      Justin Jay & Krywald and Farrer 

11. Red Lion (Edit)  
      Lawerence Hart Featuring  Tom Gillieron  

12. Cercling (lorie “Waiting Love “ Mix) 
     Zoe Reijue & lorie 

13. Jonas  


As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. Peace.......


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 44 with Sponsor: Zayaku, Cliff's Happy Cavern Pills  

Aloha Scandinavian Scabbards, 12 sided Arguments, & Bad Bad Leroy Brown. 

I hope everyone is staying warm during this chilly Winter. Plenty warm here in Hawaii, hope to see you soon. 


Tonight's Sponsor is Zayaku,Cliff's Happy Cavern Pill. Funny thing is Zayaku is real. Here is a link to learn more.   Cliff is my soon to be new business partner. We will have some exciting news to spread soon, so stay tuned in. 

I had a lot of Music this week and ran out of time before we could get in the Good News. It shall return next week. 


Here is this week's Playlist


1.Sign (Alex Metric Remix) 

2. Undone 
    Verboten Berlin 

3. Lean on 
    Scary Pockets (Feat Elise Trouw) 

4. The Psychedelic one 

5. Sleepless Nights 

6. Lonely (Besomorph Remix) 
    Tujamo, VIZE & MAJAN 

7. Ogou(Pran Ka Mwen Mixed) 
    Joseph Ray & Lakou Mizik 

8. Winds 
    Pat Carroll 

9. Gobi 

10. Focus 
      Duke Boara 

11. Yesterday 

12. Feeling Forever (Bondax Remix) 


As always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and keep on Smiling. Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep.43 with Sponsorship by Chris Graham's Cheese & Crackers  

Aloha Branch Davidians, Crystalized Ginger Trousers & Lewis Black. 


I hope the world is treating you Splendid and bit Sauvage Dior! Things are dandy here in the Dark Heart of Manoa in the Center of Oahu.  As mentioned in this Episode I am a little excited, I was cast in a Television show that is currently filming here on the Island. I was cast as a DJ, what a Stretch. This is a Reboot of very popular show in the 80's. I will share the title next week, so pleased stayed tuned. It will be shown on Disney Plus, so a Childhood Dream is coming true, to become a Walt Disney Character!!  Sounds like the Bear Necessities to me. 

This week's Sponsor is Chris Graham's Artisanal Cheese & Crackers. The Cheese is shape like a young Dutch Boy, while the Crackers are puzzle pieces that turn in to a picture of Bob Sapp in a Second Hand Negligee and Ascot. Chris is a fellow DJ and Homey from the Osaka Days! He was there for the Night Richie Hawtin came to see me play. 

As mentioned in this weeks show I found some Awesome new talent that made the Hot Shot Banger of the Week, The Electro Doctors. Here is an Original Video from them 

Thanks again to all of my fans in Sri Lanka, Morocco, & Mozambique! The Big three that give me the Most Site traffic and for some reason Episode 21 is the most popular .  

In Other Big News I have added some Merchandise to our store. Three Remarkable Postcards titled Lula Loves the Nudes. 1 for $2 or All 3 for $5

This Week's Playlist 

1.Forest of Etta 
    Booka Shade 

2. The Adventures 

3. Like we used to 

4. Ciao 
    Enduro Disco 

5. Feel Good 

6. Do the Right Thing 
    Bella Boo (Feat Axel Boman) 

7. Sound, Music, Joy & Life (Fluida Remix) 

8. Evergreen 

9. Mimba 
    Allan Nunez & Electro Doctors 

10. Of wonder 
     Parra for Cuva 

11. This is me 
      Carl Chaste

As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling... Peace 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 42 with Sponsor Ethilena Pine's Magical Foreskin Cleaner & Promo by DJ Nocturna  

Aloha Peruvian Monarchs, Fishing Tackle, and Jason Robard. 


I hope everyone is fine in dandy in the world and beyond!  A big Shout out to all of my Friends in Sri Lanka! Please leave a message below and i will give you a special shout out on the next show! Also I forgot to mention a new guest country and that is Finland.  Also another Huge Shout goes to Aquamarie! A dear friend that has left the islands and yet her spirit is not that far off! Wishing you well and hope to see you soon. The two photos below are how I remember you from the Red Party we through at Black Cat Tattoo. 

Tonight's Sponsor is Ethilena's Magical Foreskin Cleaner! I wish I new how it worked, but my parents were card carrying christians and deprived me of that sensitivity. But I am sure there are some lucky fellas out there excited to give it a try. My good friend Ethil was one of my first tried and true pals here on Oahu. She has since moved back to New Mexico, but luckily comes back to visit quite often! Cheers Dear! 

Our Dark and Ominous Promo was brought to us by DJ Nocturna aka Anne Love.  Nocturna has been a huge part of the DJ Scene in Honolulu for quite some time and i am lucky to have her as a close friend. We put together Hawaii's first Rex Manning Day party, and hope to bring it back once Covid dies down. 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! 

We are trying something new! I am releasing the show on my Website at the same time it will be played on air on ModSnap Radio


1.Godtripper (The Patrice Bäumel Psychoactive Rework) 
    Ooana Dahl 

2. Unknown Colors 

3. Africa 

4. Profondo Rosso 

5. Leaving Tokyo 
   Mall Grab 

6. O Meara Dil (Auztin Pauers & Ezrael Remix) 
    Mr. Raoul K 

7. Hundred Fifty up 
    Satin Jackets 

8. Waterbed Hev 

9. Different Mind 
     Dayne S. and colour your mind 

10. Banya 
      Sultan + Shepard


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 41 with New Sponsors Saag Weinberg's Dutch Ovens and Daza from Down Under!   

Aloha Opulent Freckles, Banana flavored Seesaws and Dolly Parton.  

I hope everyone is happy that we have finally reached the Dawn of a New Era! See ya Cheeto Mussolini, Science is back in town! Nice to hear crickets on Twitter. Enough of that BS. Already positive action is in motion.  


This Week's Sponsor is Saag Weinberg's Dutch Ovens! In all shapes sizes and smells. Saag Weinberg has been a long time friend here in Hawaii. I met him on the D&B scene. We share quite a few friends and he knows how to have a swell time all the time.  The First picture of us is drinking the first bottle of Stookolie 010 to ever touch foot in the United States! The man who helped create it, Han Hoogerbrugge is a dear friend.  He is a world famous Flash Artist who helped create this tasty Pepper Flavored Vodka out of Rotterdam! 

We had some Really Great News about some Mushrooms that can help increase your Longevity. Check it out Here at the Good News Network. 


Last but Not least I bought this Glorious Clock of Dolly Parton and low and be hold it was delivered on her Birthday!  To that I say Hellooooo Dolly!!! 

This week's show has some extra fun beats! 

As Always, Stay Safe, Stay Sane and Keep on Smilin!! Peace 



1. Do this forever 

2. Rose Rouge (Nightmares on Wax Rerub) 
     St. Germain 

3. India 

4. Glue 

5. Fortaleza 

6. Kaleidoscope 
    Joey Pecoraro 

7. One Day at a Time 
    Nu:Tone Featuring Lalin St. Juste 

8. I need Space 

9. Eternal Summer (Marsh Remix) 

10. The Difference (Jon Hopkins Remix) 
       Flume (Featuring Toro y Moi) 

11. Ntili Ntili 

12. The Outside 
     Indian Wells (Featuring Soul Island & Andrea Rizzo)

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 40 with Tim Brown's Tye Dyed Turtle Necks & Crotchless Yoga Pants  

Aloha Roasted Vegemite, Curly Blueberries, and tiny sea slugs. 


I hope everyone is fighting the good fight. It was a beautiful rainy weekend here in Manoa! Almost needed a blanket. Saw a very Interesting film last night with a few friends. Synchronic   Very Film Noir. This movie is not for the faint of heart, it is very dark and moody. Very interesting tho. A bit of a Slow Burn.


Tonight's Sponsor is Tim Brown's Tye Dyed Turtle Necks & Crotchless Yoga pants! Tim make all items to fit perfectly! He is on the Big Island and has a wonderful gallery of his full line. Stop in and check it out. I met Tim through my swell pal Matt Kee. He is a fellow DJ originally from the Bay area and has quite the resume. Check out his Soundcloud here. 

As mentioned in this weeks Good News there were many new species of life found in the Chaotic year of 2020. New Species found Here

It is also a Special Day for American Icon and Sweetheart Betty White! She turned 99 on today January 17. Thanx Betty for all of the great laughs over the years! Here Birthday Story

As Always thanx for tuning in! Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling. 



      Steve Darko 

2. Feenicks 

3. Aurora 

4. Day We met 
    Fatima Yamaha 

5. Stay (Tchami remix) 
     Justin Martin feat. Dalilah 

6. Aquiver 
    Le Youth 

7. Formation 

8. Refusal of the Return 
    Russian Linesman 

9. Ikebana 
    Nora Van Elken 

10. Consequence 

11. Two Suns (CloZee Remix) 

12. Dot 
     Mazoulew & Handbook 



HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 39 Sponsored by Grace Chee and her School for Cooking with Light Sabers  

Aloha Chastened Pussycats, Green Arrows, and Green Tulip Bulbs, 

Happy 2021. I am truly hoping it will be a boring and uneventful year with some semblance of normalcy.  But who the hell knows! Regardless Trump has been Fired from Tweeting! Best News in 10 years. 


Tonight's sponsor is by my friend Grace Chee and her school of cooking with Light Sabers. Grace actually does train and teach the Art of Light Sabering and is a very Interesting & Entertaining Person. 

The Big Story I needed to post from this Week's Good News! Researchers Pull Carbon Out of the Sky And Convert it to Instant Jet Fuel, Reshaping Aviation For Good

I hope everyone is staying warm and enjoying your weekend! The Weather is delightful her in Hawaii as usual. Here are a few pictures of my morning stroll with the Sea Captain. 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling..Peace

This week's 


   Edgar Mondragón 

2. Nocturnes 

3. Antistatic 
   Helly Larson & Miss Disk 

4. Rewind the Days of Youth 
   Route 8 

5. 99 
    dZhihan & Kamien 

6. Marigold Mix 

7. Glacier (eeph remix) 
     Ash Walker 

8. Rainy Day Loop 
   Sundreamer & Edapollo 

9. Satisfied (Marsh Remix) 
    Catching Flies 

10. More Brilliant than the Sun 
     High Contrast 

11. Tachyon 
     Enui & Jordan Bakker

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 38 with Tee Money's Billion Dollar Baby Ass Wipes!   

Happy New Year Citizens of Perpetuity! 2021 is upon us, so let's sit back and relax 2020 has been kicked to the yellow curb.  I hope everyone had a safe and joyous celebration of the end the monotony.  This week's show is a little different. I decided to play some of the songs that lead to my taste today. Some true Digital Classics. I hope it soothes your soul as well as cools your chicken soup. 


I had a Swell evening with my pal Heidi B from Swigs & Grinds . If you want to hear about Sexy Food & Sexy Drinks, check out her Podcast.  That Fine Wine we sampled is the Catena Zapata Malbec, it tells the tale of the Malbec. 

This week's Sponsor is Tee Money's Billion Dollar Baby Ass Wipes. With Gold leafs and they smell like Green Backs! Your Baby's ass will never smell so Rich after these wipes! 

Tee Money Integral part of my Osaka Experience! he always came out and Supported my DnB and was never scared to throw down a gallon or two of the Lord's Juice with the Gang and I. He also made it back for our reunion tour about 7 years ago. Where does the time go. He also loves Drummies, as you will see . Thanx for the Sponsorship Tee Money 

Quite a Few memories! 

Here is this week's Throwback Playlist

1. Dreamtime 

2. Where’s your Head at 
    Basement Jaxx 

3. Brief Encounter 
    High Contrast 

4. Way2tite 
    Situation 2 

5. Born Slippy 

6. Time of your Life 
    Paul Oakenfold 9Feat. Perry Farrell 

7. Pulsar 
     Mauro Picotto 

8. Another Way 
    Paul Van Dyk 

9. Slam 

10.  Computabank 
      Roger Sanchez 

11. Superstylin 
      Groove Armada


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! Peace....


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 37 with Cuban Pete's Almost Vegan Peppermints  

Aloha Kandy Kanes, Missle Toes, and Chris's Krinkle, 


I hope everyone made it through Xmas alive and is getting ready for a hell of a lot better 2021. Who knows what's ahead of us. My bet is First Contact and that is really what this vaccination is about. It is really against Space Herpes which was foretold about in the Film Space Pirates. The thought has always frightened me. Here is what they look like and thank God, Spencer was for Hire back then. 


Some of you may know Cuban Pete, His is the Dear tenor behind MyDog has Fleas, a brother, and damn Swell Calligrapher living in Osaka Japan

I hope Everyone has a Wonderful New Year and as Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling, Peace. 



1.New Gods (Ron Basejam Remix) 
      Catching Flies 

2. Mojave 

3. Bloom (Kimyan Remix) 

4. Dopamine 
    Mild Minds. 

5. Galahad 

6. Neuromance 
   Fort Romeau 

7. Change Will Come 
    Cut Snake 

8. Black Cherry 
    Hudson Mohawke 

9. Back to my bed (Boss Doms & Achille Lauro Remix. 

10. Kanzan (feat. Fakear) 
    CloZee, Pouvoir Magique & Einki 

11. WoodStock (Extended Mix) 
       Eelke Kleijn 

12. FTLOG 
     Jasper Tygner