Music to Cook By, Ep. 1   

This is the first Episode of a New Series, Music to Cook By. I will be rotating between this and HIJAK HAWAII 2.0.  This Series is for getting the mood right to cook and upbeat but mellow dinner for you and a loved one, or even a party of 37.  So put your apron on, crack open the most expensive bottle of wine or Gin that you have and get cooking.  This show is sponsored by Beach Brothers Maple Syrup, Yours Truly is also the Syrup Baron of the Pacific, so sponsorship came easy.  This is a link to our website for purchases

This is our Site to see what we are getting up to. Here are a few Recipes to get you started.


Happy Black History Month and I hope everyone has a wonderful 2024. 


HIJAK HAWAII 2.0 Episode , 2024 Year of the Dragon   

Aloha Cuddle Fish and Pickled Knickers! 

I am back, it has been quite a While! There is plenty of new music and not so idle banter to be had. I lot has happened since we have spoke last! 

I bought a home back in the Valley. The Studio has a a New location and Hitch & I are happily settling in with lots of new and exciting facets! I took a wonderful trip to Italy, The Baltics, & Scandinavia. It was truly life altering and i can't wait to get back on the open road.  I made many friends along the way! I visited a Variety of Watchmakers! Out OF Order, S.U.F Helsinki, Studio Sarpaneva, MALM, and IFL Wathches

Beach Brothers Maple Syrup is kicking it in to High Gear after a bit of life changing events and road blocks. Here are some photos from my trip and this weeks Track Listing 


Track Listing.

  1. Parhelion by Stendahl
  2. Song of Singers by Kelpe
  3. Good Life by Good Life & Elderbrook
  4. Happy Walking by Sun Glitters
  5. Teatró by Nelver
  6. Free Fall by Foot Rocket
  7. Blood Song by Arms & Sleepers
  8. Extract by Coffee Shop Jungle Featuring Makoto
  9. Momentum by Damian Holden Featuring David Dumeau 
  10. Pages by Adibanti
  11. Teresa (Mixed) bya Tiago de Renor 
  12. So Long (Christian Loeffler Remix) by Jooris Voorn & Kid A
  13. Harmony, No Armory by Bloom
  14. Prophecy by Koelle & Solanca

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 107 The Fight is on   

Aloha Cluttered Sheep Herders and Tangled Sticks of Kerry Gold! 

This is the second show of the year! Things have been popping in Hawaii! The Fight is on! I have started Boxing Training, Beach Brothers Maple Syrup is for sale online, and I am designing a Watch! Hitch is also doing great and the best Sidekick Fella could have. I have a ton of great new music for you this week and some extra special sponsors. Here are a few pics from my latest exploits 

Happy February and please help and Celebrate and Respect Black History Month! 


This Week's Track List 

1. Wait For Me

    Bop & Subwave 

2. Human Nature 

    Slow Magic 

3. You a Happiness


4. Immortal 


5. Chimera

    Kyau & Albert 

6. Above the Clouds 

    Mikey Lion

7. Hypnotised 

     Diandra Faye & Keeno 

8. Automatic


9. Could Be the One 

    Laid Back Luke & Katy Alex 

10. Falling Off 

      Shingo Nakamura

11. Nothing More (Etherwood Remix)

     Askel & Elere (Featuring YENIAS) 

12. Gonna Get Over You (12" Mix) (ATRAK & WEV Mix) 

     France Joli

13. Behind My Eyes 

      BEAUZ (Featuring Heleen) 


Until we Meet Again! Peace 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 106 End of the Year Remix Show   

Aloha Goose Liver Bagpipes & Candied Banana Pajamas! 

What a Fucking year! It has been Quite the Rollercoaster.  Lost My number 1 fan and Mother, Moved to the other side of the Island, and have a lot of thing s in store for 2023.  

Farewell Lula Bell, life will never be the same without you, Thanx for Everything! 


I Hope this Winter season finds you Content and Happy! Aloha & Happy Holidays! Hit me up if you want a Tracklisting or Just Shazam it, Lol.

Stay Safe, Stay Sane, & Keep on Smiling.......Peace 

Hitch & DJ TripleBypass 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 105 Sponsored by Dmitri Faberov's Golden Ponies  

Aloha Polka dotted Rattle Snakes & Grandma Orton, 

The Spooky Season is upon us and the weather is getting a little cooler. The Trade Winds are gracing us oh so generously and the days are mild. Paradise is a great place to be! I hope you will all visit soon. 


As mentioned today's episode is sponsored by my good friend and brother Dmitri Faberov. His is the proud owner of a few wonderful establishments in Osaka Japan and he is also a World Class DJ.  I played many a nights at Cafe Absinthe. It was the home away from home for many of us Ex-pats living in Osaka. I miss it dearly. Here are some fun photos from some of our adventures. 

Thanx Dmitri for all of the great memories, I hope we can make some more. 

Here is this week's Tracklisting

1.  5 am 

     Chase &Status 

2. Delorean Dynamite (Back to Paris Remix) 

    Todd Terje 

3. Before You (Goddard Remix) 

    BCee (feat. Emba) 

4. Maua 

    Kimyan Law (Feat. Elyn) 

5. Things to do 

    FYI Chris

6.  Ciel 


7.  Day by Day 

      Stack Effect 

8. Mermaids (Remastered) 

    Filla Brazillia 

9. Little Treasure (Contour 3) 

    Booka Shade

10. Nala (Outro) 


11. Motoya Espresso 

     Coffee Shop Jungle (Feat. Makoto) 

12. Hollow 

   Yotto & MØØNE


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling...... Peace 


Aloha Country Fried Mangoes and Baked Jello! You are tuned in to HIJAK HAWAII Episode 104. Tons of Great Music and The Good News Has Returned. We also have some new Sponsors and a little bit of Beach Brothers Fun. 


I hope everyone is staying Dry and staying Safe on the East Coast. On a Happy note, Hitch is not having to wear his cone anymore. He had a little sore on the back of his left ear, but with some Antibiotics and that awful cone, he is as good as new.


Heading out to a Great show tonight! One of my favorite DnB artists NETSKY is playing on Oahu tonight and it's going to be Killer. Here are a couple of his videos 




This Week's Track Listing 

1. amongst (cardboard remix) 


2. Water 

    TSHA, Oumou Sangaré 

3. Doin it Right 

    Daft Punk (feat. Panda Bear) 

4. Static (Cynthie Remix) 


5. Power (Remember who you are) 

    SPINALL, Äyanna, DJ Snake,Summer 


6.  Too Far Gone 

      Deep Notion 

7.  Survival 


8. Buttercup 


9. Consciousness (Eric Prydz Remix) 

   Anyma & Chris Avantgarde

10. Harmonic Frequencies 


11.Do I Reealy Feel the way I Feel 

     Ulrich Schnauss 

12. Sweetness of Life 



Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling.......Peace 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 103 Sure do Miss ya Mom!   

Aloha You Dandelions on the Front Court! It has been way too long, but I am back. It was a rough Summer! I lost my Lula Bell, She was my number one Gal and Fan throughout life! She was a Glorious Woman that lived life to its fullest.  She traveled to almost 50 countries and had more friends than me. I miss talking to her everyday on the phone. If you got to meet her, you were lucky, she was a light to many! This show is dedicated to her. 

Love ya Mom, Thanx for Everything! 

Track Listing 


1.  Something to Someone (High Contrast Remix)  
     Dermot Kennedy  

2. 92 
    Jasper Tygner 

3. Jungle (Rico Nasty Remix)  
    Fred Again  

4. Girl  

5. Leywole (Edit) 
    Falle Nike & Ghost Culture 

6. Pattern Thinker

    by Haiku Salut 

7. Mango Feedback

    By Four Tet

8. Polybomba

    By Spencer Brown 

9. Domino

    by Amtrac & Samuel T. Herring 

10. Sete (Carlita Remix)

   by BLOND:ISH, Amadou & Mariam, Francis Mercier

11. Hit the Lights

   by Bensley 

12. All That You Need 

   by Don Diablo 

13. Belong 

    by Hello Yes 



Aloha Clappy Traps, Yarn Spent Wolverines, and Hunter S. Thompson

I hope everyone is swell. There are some Killer tunes on this weeks episode! Hope you Dig it

Links to The Youtube shows I dig. 

This is the funniest episode of Peter Caine Dog Trainer. I working on acquiring some of his art. This is the Best Big Foot episode

Great Episode of Hot Ones

The Telltale Atheist 

Jimmy Carr Classics

The Pigs that fight bears


As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling....Peace

This Week's Playlist 

1. Tjomme (DJ Koze Remix)  
    Jose Gonzalez  

2. Faded  
   Jacques Greene 

3. Migration of the bee-eater (Jeff Pierre Remix)  
    jacuzzi jefferson 

4. Electric Eel  
    Eelke Kleijn 

5. Walking on Your Name  

6. Chlorophyll 

7. Walking on a Dream(Special Edition)  
    Empire of the sun 

8. Another Time (Luccio remix)  
    Kyau & Albert 
9. No Guarantees  
    Arms & Sleepers  

10. Desert Rose  
      Tone Ranger 

11. Onire  

12. Baby We’re Ascending  
      HAAi & Jon Hopkins 

13.Breaking Point  
    Nayana Iz 


HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 101 Sponsored by Richard Luke's 4 Handed Martini Shakers   

Aloha Tongue Chasing Weasels, Scrap Ditching Lederhosen, and Justin Timberlake.

As mentioned this Week's Sponsor is Richard Luke's 4 Handed Martini! Richard makes the Finest Beefeater Martini at his Kama Sutra Karaoke Bar in Osaka Japan. Stop in for a song a minimum 16 drinks.

Also mentioned in this week's show I have started Painting in Virtual Reality using the Occulus Quest 2 and the App Painting VR from Oisoi Studio Here are my First 3 pieces in order, The 4th is a work in Progress. Don't think I will quit my Day job ;)


This Week's Playlist 

1. In Mindibu 

2. Open My Eyes 
    Jonny Faith  

3. Drifting out Color Blend  
    Richard Houghton 

4. Sparrow 
    Tim Shiel, Kaitlin Keegan & Leah Kardos 

5. Viggo 
    Match Box 

6. Jal  
   Talvin Singh  

7. Ashram 

8. Karlaplan  
    Off the Meds  
9. Kong  
    Glass Beams  

10. Revelution Not Be Televised  
      Kekstar (Feat Gil Scott-Heron)

11. Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore  
      Barry Can’t Swim  

12. Under the Sun  
      Franky Wah & AR/CO 

13. The Open  

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling! 

Pic taken of Hanauma Bay with the Light L16 Camera 

HIJAK HAWAII Ep. 100 I Made it!   

Aloha Gravy Dipped Pineapple, Longshore Bellybuttons and Roni Size. 


Well I finally made it to Episode 100! Holy Shithouse, hard to believe it has been over two years since i have been broadcasting throughout the Universe. Big Thanx to all who recorded Promos for and with me! I will have a Gallery of friends below. 


Brother in Arms, Ryan Miller 

My Beach Brother Cliff John 

May Valentine from N.W.A. Wrestling 

Professional Voice Artist Margaret Chung 

Swigs & Grinds Chef Heidi B. & Coyote Shivers, Empire Records Star & Rock Star 

British Poet Laureate Patrick Widdis 

German Rock Star Holly Eibl 

Legends From the Pacific Podcast Host  Kamuela Kaneshiro

International Abseilor Brenton Clark 

Warren G, Big Game Moose Hunter and Oosik Swinger 

DJ Nocturna 

Rockstar And Voice professional living in Japan Danyk Amyot 

Big Thanx to DJ Cogswell aka Jacob Flores for broadcasting my show twice a week on ModSnap Radio 


Thanx to everyone else that has tuned in from all over the world. If you want to record a promo or fun ad for the show you can email me at 

Here is this Week's Playlist 

1. Everyday the Sun Comes up   
     DJ Counselling 

2. Ensemble Room 

3. Tornasol 
    Tomas Novoa 

4. Lasso 
    Mosley Jr 

5. Mothra Edit  
   Leon Vynehall

6. If you want 

7. Milka (Insct remix)  

8. Paloma 
    Herr Lang & Montezuma 
9. Why so much Hope  
    Arthur Hnatek & SWIMS 

10. Lifetime (HAAI’s Green Lamborghini Romix)    


11. I wish You’d Never  
      Reset Robot

12. Under Pressure  
      Guau & Destroyers 

13. Reliëf 
      Tijn Driessen 

To 100 More Episodes 

As Always Stay Safe, Stay Sane, and Keep on Smiling